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  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

    Federal law (Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended) mandates that institutions of higher education establish minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress for students receiving any federal financial aid. Eligibility for Saint Vincent College institutional grants and scholarships will follow the regulations for federal aid.  In addition, the Pennsylvania State Grant program and programs from other states also have their own established academic progress standards.

    Students must meet these standards of academic progress to continue to receive funds from each source.

    The academic records of all students will be reviewed annually after each spring semester to calculate the percentage of attempted credits the student has successfully completed and to determine the cumulative grade point average the student has earned. Any student not meeting the standards set by this policy will be ineligible for aid until the deficiencies have been made up.  An appeal process is available to students who have experienced personal illness or accident, death of an immediate family member, or other extraordinary circumstances. 

    Note:  The FAFSA must be filed yearly to determine eligibility for federal and state aid. 




    Federal Student Aid  

    Pell, SEOG, Perkins Loans, Direct Loans, PLUS Loans, Federal Work Study


    1.50 cumulative GPA for freshman completing the first year.

    2.00 cumulative GPA for all other students

    All students must have earned at least 67% of the cumulative number of credits attempted, including all credits attempted at Saint Vincent and all credits transferred in from other institutions that count toward the degree.

    Total credits attempted cannot exceed 150% of the credits required of the published length of the program.  All courses with a grade designated as G,IP,W, & WF and repeated course are considered attempted.


    Pennsylvania State Grant 

    PHEAA - PA Higher Education Assistance Agency

    No minimum cumulative GPA required

    Full-time students must complete a total of 24 credits over the 2 semesters of full-time study within an academic year.  Part-time students must complete 12 credits over the 2 semesters of part-time study within an academic year.

    PHEAA grants are awarded for a maximum of 8 full-time semesters.

    Saint Vincent College Scholarships and Grants  2.00 cumulative GPA required Students must be full-time.  Credits earned requirement follows the federal aid policy.   SVC scholarships are awarded for a maximum of 8 semesters.