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  •  Diana Petrovich, a spring 2011 graduate 

    “After leaving SVC I went to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA for my Masters of Science in Communication Management. I graduated in January 2014 and also completed my degree while working full-time, first within the Temple University Athletic Department as a Graduate Assistant for the volleyball team, and then as a negotiator and relocation assistant for a company contracted by PennDOT, the PA Turnpike, and various other public agencies for assistance in acquiring rights-of-way through eminent domain law. I'm transitioning to a new job at the end of May 2014, and will be a Research Assistant for CRA, Inc., a consulting firm that provides internal communication strategy and leadership development to national and international companies.

    “Looking back on the past three years since graduating SVC, I would say that the most helpful imparting wisdom that the educators and curriculum bestowed upon me is to keep your mind open to learning new things. In the English Department especially, I was encouraged to not only read new things, but think about them in new ways. I have seen this practice set me apart from my peers and I'm lucky to have such a strong foundation of a passion for learning from SVC.”