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  • Alumni of Distinction Nomination Form

    The Alumni of Distinction Award and Recent Alumnus/Alumna Achievement Awards are selected annually by the Saint Vincent College Alumni Council Selection Committee. The Alumni of Distinction Award is awarded in an effort to acknowledge the significant work, accomplishments, and achievements of alumni. The Recent Alumnus/Alumna Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding alumnus who has graduated within the past 15 years.

    Candidates for the Saint Vincent Alumni of Distinction/Recent Alumnus/Alumna Achievement Awards:

    • Must have graduated from Saint Vincent College, Seminary or Preparatory School.
    • Must have demonstrated significant contributions to their school, community and/or country in the areas such as (but not limited to):
      • Professional achievement (work-related accomplishments, publications)
      • Church/religious involvement
      • Community/civic involvement
      • Educational achievements
      • Honors or awards
      • Leadership positions
      • Ethical/humanitarian efforts
      • Personal/family accomplishments

    Please provide as much information as possible, particularly pertaining to the nominee’s contribution in the various categories listed above. Anyone is eligible in nominating someone for these awards.

    Please check which award you are nominating this person for: 

    Information on Nominee: 
    (include maiden name if applicable) 
    Mailing Address:    
    Saint Vincent Class Year: College:  
      Prep School:  
    Program of Study:    
    Place of Current Employment:    
    Job Title:    
    Description of Job:     
    Additional Education or Degrees:    

    Please describe the nominee's achievements,
    accomplishments and/or efforts that make
    him/her a great candidate for this award.
    Why are you nominating this individual? 

    Please describe any professional/community
    affiliation and/or leadership positions that
    you feel make him/her a great candidate for
    this award. 
    Please provide any additional information
    about your nominee that you feel would
    help the selection committee fully appreciate
    his/her contributions in the areas mentioned earlier: 
    Mailing Address:    
    Home Phone:    
    Saint Vincent Class Year:
    (if applicable)