• The Annual Fund

    Saint Vincent College operates from three primary sources of income:

    • Student Tuition and Fees
    • Endowment Earnings
    • Charitable Gifts and Grants

    Gifts are primarily solicited and received through

    Annual Fund gifts help support the general operating budget of Saint Vincent College and go where the need is greatest, such as:

    • Scholarships and grants for students 
    • Campus facilities 
    • Computer and classroom equipment 
    • Co- and extra curricular activities 
    • Student services 
    • Library acquisitions 
    • Lectures and concerts 
    • Research grants 
    • Student and faculty travel to conferences and competitions

    Your Participation, at any level, is important because…

    • It provides essential funding for the College’s operations 
    • It indicates that the alumni recognize the value of their education. This indicator is often a criteria in many national rankings and ratings of colleges, and it is considered by granting agencies when reviewing funding applications.

    Every Gift Counts

    Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated. You can participate at a level that is comfortable for you. Each gift, regardless of size, strengthens the College’s participation rate and demonstrates a vote of confidence in the educational opportunities Saint Vincent College provides.