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  • Benedictine Pedagogy Conference LogoThe Benedictine Pedagogy Conference is held annually on a different Benedictine college or university campus, which serves as host for two years. Over the past seven years, the Conference has established a reputation of providing a venue in which faculty, staff and administrators can share ideas and practices through which they have successfully integrated the Ten Hallmarks developed by the Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities (ABCU) in the classroom, student life and collegiate environment.

    The conference will address a range of critically important themes that impact the changes within our campuses that relate to the maintenance and well-being of the unique Benedictine charism of our founders today. Presenters are among the faculty, staff and administrators of our institutions.

    This year's theme...


    A simple Web search reveals more and more that non-religiously affiliated colleges and universities are promoting “contemplative education”(Brown, New York University, Emory, Rice, Stanford, to name a few, and even some state university systems). As fellow members of the ABCU, are we missing something, or are we simply taking for granted what we may already be doing? Reflecting our hallmark of conversatio, we nurture an instinctively natural “love of learning and desire for God” over the course of a lifetime. This year’s conference aims to disclose the intentionality with which our Benedictine schools are contributing to the apparently now popular, ‘contemplative education’. To borrow a colloquial expression: “What do they got that we ain’t got?”.

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