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Donna Hupe

Mrs. Donna Hupe taught for 31 years in a private school, D.T. Watson Home in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, and in public schools at the Seneca Valley School District. Her experiences as a teacher included teaching students with special needs, working with gifted students, and providing education to students in the primary and middle school grades. She earned a Master's Degree in Education from Slippery Rock University. In addition to serving on various school district committees, Mrs. Hupe was the president of the Seneca Valley Education Association for four years.

From 1990 to 1993, Mrs. Hupe taught graduate level courses for educators written by Performance Learning Systems, Inc. She is presently the author of "No New Teacher Left Behind" and writes for suite101.com. Mrs. Hupe continues to present workshops for various organizations. One such conference is the SPSEA conference which is annually held in Pennsylvania for education majors. 

Her most significant achievements include being a Fulbright Memorial Scholar (2003) who visited and studied in Japan, receiving the Profile of a Teacher Award (1989) presented by Campbell's Soup and Family Circle Magazine for her efforts in developing children's self-esteem, and being profiled as one of the "Professional Best" teachers (1989) selected by Learning Magazine.

During her time in Japan, Donna had the opportunity to visit different schools in Tokyo and Imabari. She participated in discussions with other American and Japanese teachers about educational issues existing in both countries. That visit led to working on committees at Seneca Valley School District to create cultural activities and events for students that helped develop better global awareness.

The National Foundation for Improvement in Education (NFIE) awarded Donna Hupe, while teaching at Seneca Valley, with a grant that supported a program created by the Seneca Valley Education Association. This program promoted parent education and allowed teachers the opportunities to present seminars and workshops about how to help their children at home.

Donna Hupe resides at Hidden Valley with her husband, David. She has one daughter and most recently became a grandmother. Her passion is linked with preparing the next generation of teachers and insuring that students everywhere receive the best education possible. She enjoys linking that passion through her writing and lecturing.

  • Professional Development : Bullying Prevention

    Posted Mon., October 14, 2013
    ED 400 students at Saint Vincent College are experiencing the opportunity of attending Professional Development Seminars devoted to how teachers can prevent bullying in the classrooms and schools. The series is provided by a grant awarded by the PA Department of Education.
  • The 2013 Classroom Community

    Posted Wed., August 28, 2013
    Teachers continue to create classroom communities that invite students to learn, actively participate, and feel secure while in school.
  • Substitute Teacher…Very Important Teaching Position!

    Posted Fri., July 12, 2013
    Many students who have graduated as education majors may accept substitute teaching positions.  Being a substitute teacher enhances one’s resume and provides diversified teaching experiences.
  • College Students are Very Much Alive and Well!

    Posted Thu., April 25, 2013
    As graduation approaches for many undergraduate and graduate students, Donna Hupe shares why society should celebrate the younger generation’s entrance into the workforce.
  • The Family…National PTA Redefines

    Posted Tue., March 26, 2013
    National PTA has research practices for effective family-school partnerships based around the National Standards. Teachers, especially newly hired ones, will find their suggestions and information quite helpful.
  • E-Portfolio = Virtual Identity

    Posted Mon., March 4, 2013
    Many education majors ask “How can I be the candidate, among so many other candidates, who is selected for a teaching position?” The answer is found in how that candidate markets knowledge, experiences, and achievements.
  • STEM…Alive and Well!

    Posted Wed., February 20, 2013
    On Monday, February 18, 2013, over 500 educators, administrators, and school board members gathered to learn more about the disciplines linked with STEM…Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Donna Hupe reflects on her day at this conference and the significant impacts it left with her.
  • The Flipped Classroom…What is it really?

    Posted Mon., February 4, 2013
    Many educators are becoming familiar with a new type of teaching model…the flipped classroom. It appears the flipped classroom is being interpreted in right ways and in wrong ways.
  • What is the Sandy Hook Promise?

    Posted Fri., January 18, 2013
    When one mentions Sandy Hook Elementary School…there are many thoughts that people will immediately think. This blog is dedicated to sharing information about how the parents of the children who died and the parents of the children who lived are working to educate others.
  • Have You Heard about BYOT?

    Posted Mon., January 7, 2013
    “Latest Trends” tends to be a phrase linked with education. One that is being examined by various school districts is BYOT…otherwise known as “Bring Your Own Technology”.
  • Standards VS Learning Targets…Interesting!

    Posted Fri., November 16, 2012
    Teachers have questioned the core standards statements when it comes to being student friendly and parent friendly.  Learning targets appear to be the language to use to insure students understand the learning goals.
  • …And Good Will Conquer Sandy!

    Posted Wed., October 31, 2012
    This blog is the author’s viewpoint as it relates to the storm that just hit the eastern part of the United States…Hurricane Sandy. It is Mrs. Hupe’s way of saying to everyone at Saint Vincent College and to others reading her blog…out of bad evolves the good that people are capable of doing. It is personal and told from what she has been feeling since the horrific weather event this week.
  • Great Teachers…Who are They?

    Posted Mon., October 22, 2012
    Many education majors are striving to learn how they can become great teachers in the classroom. The question becomes what are the qualities that are needed by teachers and desired by students in order to be classified a great teacher?
  • Need a Little Positive…Check Out PS 22!

    Posted Fri., September 21, 2012
    When tourists go to Staten Island, New York, they will discover many museums, parks, and historic sites. However, one of the best places where positives abide is at Public School 22.
  • College Graduates as New Teachers…The New Journey!

    Posted Wed., September 5, 2012
    There are many education majors who have graduated with degrees and teacher certifications. Some graduates have been hired as first year teachers and will embark upon the rewarding journey linked with teaching students.
  • Managing Time at College…Is It Possible?

    Posted Fri., August 24, 2012
    As students start their college experiences for the fall, 2012, they begin to think about how they can manage their time to meet their needs linked with taking several courses. There are ways to meet the “time challenge” as an undergraduate student.
  • What College Freshmen Need…Hope and Support!

    Posted Tue., August 7, 2012
    Many colleges will be greeting the arrival of the students who are freshmen. These young adults are looking to college as the path to reaching success and need to know that there will be positive direction along the way.
  • North Dakota…Hiring New Teachers!

    Posted Mon., July 23, 2012

    Where there is oil…there is need for new teachers. North Dakota is hiring teachers due to the influx of people who are seeking jobs related to the oil boom.

  • New Teacher Evaluation Bill…Good, Bad, or None of the Above?

    Posted Wed., July 11, 2012
    For some time, the teacher evaluation system has been under scrutiny in Pennsylvania as well as many other states throughout the country. Questions have been raised numerous times as to how poor teachers could still exist in an educational system that demands complete dedication and overwhelming efforts. A new evaluation system in Pennsylvania has been welcomed by both the state government and the state teacher’s association.
  • Working Together to Reach Goals…Is That Really Possible?

    Posted Mon., June 11, 2012
    Most recently Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin won the recall race which was linked with a “we versus them” theme throughout the campaigning.  In cases like that election, the question for that state and others has become “Can two sides of people, who dislike each other, put differences aside and actually work together?”