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    Rebecca Snyder
    Rebecca Snyder

    Ms. Snyder, an English major, tells the story of why she chose to attend Saint Vincent College. 

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    Fr. Wulfstan
    Fr. Wulfstan Clough, O.S.B.
    Professor of English

     I love it when students raise challenging questions in class and present new ideas.

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  • English Major Curriculum


    Students majoring in English must take a common curriculum consisting of courses designed specifically for English majors, along with four courses in their concentration and four electives. In addition, English majors must complete four term project, two of which must be researched literary essays. 


    Four Common Courses

    English majors must take the following 4 courses: 

                            EL 202 - Intermediate Writing (taken after the freshman year)

                            EL 325- Literary Criticism I (offered only in the fall)

                            EL 326- Literary Criticism II (offered only in the spring) 

                                   Taken after the freshman year, these two Literary Criticism are not sequential. 

                            EL 400- Senior Project 

                                  Taken during the fall semester of the senior year, this course engages you in the completion of your capstone project.                                           Capstone projects may range from twenty-five page literary analyses to collections of poetry. These projects should spring                               from your concentrations and may be extensions or elaborations of a paper that you completed in another English course. 










    Four Courses in an English Concentration

    By the end of your freshman year, you should choose one of the following concentrations. Advisors will work with you to create term projects and a senior project that spring from your concentration. If you seek any exceptions for the courses required for the concentration, please see the department chair. 

    The concentrations that we currently offer are as follows: American Studies, Children's Literature, Classicism and Romanticism, Creative Writing, Drama and Performance, Interdisciplinary Studies, Literary Translation, Literature and Politics, Literature and Spirituality, Literature and the Family, Literature of Dissent, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modernism and Postmodernism, Narrative, Poetry, Pop Culture Studies, Shakespeare, Women's Literature, World Literature, and Writing. 

    Four English Electives

    Choose any four course offered by the department, but keep the term project requirement in mind. See Concentrations page for list of English courses currently offered. 

    Four English Term Projects

    Term projects are heavily weighted requirements of certain courses listed below. The nature of these projects may vary, but two of your term projects must be researched literary analyses. You must file evidence of completed Term Projects in your electronic portfolio in the English Majors Blackboard site. 

    Inform your instructor that you would like your project to count toward the course project or literary research essay requirement, and upload that project to your online portfolio on the Blackboard site. Papers completed in the Common Courses, including your senior capstone project, DO NOT satisfy the term project requirement. 

    The following courses require Term Projects: 

    • EL 121 - Faces of Battle: War and Peace in History, Literature, and the Arts  
    • EL 122 - African Studies 
    • EL 124 - Literature and the Bible 
    • EL 125 - Science Fiction 
    • EL 126 - Rock 'n' Roll Criticism 
    • EL 128 - Children's Literature: Fables to 1900
    • EL 129 - Young Adult Fiction 
    • EL 130 - Children's Literature and Media 
    • EL 143 - The Beat Generation 
    • EL 147 - Arthurian Literature 
    • EL 148 - Modern Catholic Literature 
    • EL 149 - J.R.R. Tolkien 
    • EL 203 - Poetry Workshop
    • EL 204 - Fiction Workshop 
    • EL 224 - The Romantic Age 
    The following courses require Researched Literary Analyses: 
    • EL 210 - Classical Greek Poetry & Drama
    • EL 211 - Medieval Studies 
    • EL 212 - Chaucer 
    • EL 213 - Shakespeare's Histories 
    • EL 214 - Shakespeare's Comedies/Tragedies 
    • EL 216 - British Renaissance Literature 
    • EL 242 - American Renaissance 
    • EL 256 - Sentimental Fictions: American Women Writers in the Nineteenth Century
    • EL 258 - American Modernism 
    • EL 259 - Critical Approaches to Children's Literature 
    • EL 273 - Representations of Childhood in Literature 
    • EL 274 - Representations of Childhood in Film



    Electronic Portfolio

    The Electronic Portfolio, located in the English Majors Blackboard site, is a virtual folder in which you will upload electronic copies of your four Term Projects, your senior Capstone Project, and brief surveys regarding your composition of these projects. During your final semester, to fulfill requirements for your Exit Interview grade, you will upload a Senior Reflection paper that assesses your work as an English major throughout your college career.