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    Khet Mar
     Burmese writer and human-rights activist Khet Mar gives a bilingual reading.
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    Fr. Wulfstan
    Fr. Wulfstan Clough, O.S.B.
    Professor of English

     I love it when students raise challenging questions in class and present new ideas.

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  • English Minor Programs

     A minor in English is an excellent addition to other majors, highlighting your curiosity as well as polishing your critical reading and writing skills. This versatile minor tracks several ways to specialize..

     For a full description of courses offered, see the College Bulletin 

    English Major | Concentration Requirements 

    English Minors   

    Minor in English

     Requires 18 Credits 

     EL 102   Language and Rhetoric - 3 credits  

    EL 325   Literary Criticism I:  Ancient to Modern - 3 credits
    EL 326   Literary Criticism II:  Contemporary Theories -3 credits
    EL 114   British Literature:  Middle Ages to Restoration - 3 credits
    EL 115   British Literature:  Neoclassicism to Modernism - 3 credits
    EL 131   American Literature:  Exploration to Civil War - credits
    EL 132   American Literature:  Civil War to Present - 3 credits
    EL — Any 2 Advanced courses (200 level)

    Minor in Children’s Literature

    Requires 18 Credits (6 courses) 

     The Children's Literature Minor is designed to explore the various forms of literature written for children. Students investigate literary shifts involving the ways adults imagine and shape children's virtues and capabilities as well as how children live out or resist those fantasies. Analyzing texts written for children and about childhood, this minor provides the opportunity for both breadth and depth of study. English majors are ineligible for the minor but may concentrate in children's literature.   


     Required courses: 12 credits (4 courses) 
    Choose four courses from the following lists. At least two must be introductory, 100-level, and at least one must be advanced, 200-level.
    EL 129   Young Adult Fiction - 3 credits
    EL 128   Children's Literature:  Fables to 1900 - 3 credits 
    EL 130   Children’s Literature:  1900 to Present - 3 credits
    EL 259   Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature - 3 credits
    EL 272   Advanced Studies in Children's Literature - 3 credits
    EL 273   Representations of Childhood in Literature - 3 credits
    EL 274   Representations of Childhood in Film - 3 credits 

     Elective courses:  6 credits (2 courses)
    Students are encouraged to choose from the courses listed above and/or choose relevant courses in related disciplines by approval of the director, Dr. Sara Lindey, sara.lindey@email.stvincent.edu

    Minor in Creative Writing

    Requires 18 Credits (6 courses) 

    The Creative Writing Minor offers courses in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and literary translation. After three introductory courses in creative writing, students select a genre of focus for advanced study. The minor allows aspiring writers from all academic disciplines to develop their literary craft and become familiar with contemporary literature. Students build sufficient experience to pursue graduate study in creative writing and related fields. 

    Required courses: 12 credits (4 courses)
    Choose four courses from the following lists. At least two must be introductory, 100-level, and at least one must be advanced, 200-level.
    EL 110   Introduction to Creative Writing - 3 credits
    EL 142   Creative Writing:  The Literary Magazine  - 3 credits 
    EL 144   Reading as Writers:  The Literary Essay - 3 credits
    EL 145   Reading as Writers:  Poetry - 3 credits
    EL 203   Poetry Workshop - 3 credits
    EL 204   Fiction Workshop - 3 credits
    EL 244   Creative Nonfiction Workshop - 3 credits
    EL 252   Literary Translation Workshop - 3 credits