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    Horacio Castellanos Moya

     Internationally known novelist Horacio Castellanos Moya, author of ten novels, gives a reading.

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    Fr. Wulfstan
    Fr. Wulfstan Clough, O.S.B.
    Professor of English

     I love it when students raise challenging questions in class and present new ideas.

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  • English Minors 

     A minor in English is an excellent addition to other majors, highlighting your curiosity as well as polishing your critical reading and writing skills. This versatile minor tracks several ways to specialize. 

    Minor in English- 18 credits

    The minor in English offers a flexible program of study that allows students to build skills in writing, analytical reading, and critical thinking. This minor nurtures curiosity and fosters appreciation of literature, art, and culture. A minor in English communicates both technical and analytical competencies to future employers and graduate admissions counselors. Because it enhances intellect, conversational agility, and marketability, a minor in English complements any major.
     Students seeking a minor in English must take:

    • Either EL 325- Literary Criticism I or EL 326- Literary Criticism II
    • Five other English courses
      • Two of which must require researched literary analyses credits.

    Minor in Children's Literature- 18 credits

    Students minoring in Children’s Literature explore the various forms of literature written for children. Students investigate literary shifts involving the ways adults imagine and shape a young person’s virtues and capabilities as well as how children live out or resist those fantasies. Analyzing texts written for children and about childhood, this minor provides the opportunity for both breadth and depth of study. English majors are ineligible for the minor but may design a concentration in Children’s Literature. 

    Children’s Literature minors must choose four of the following courses, one of which must require a researched literary analysis: 

    • EL 128- Children's Literature: Fables to 1900
    • EL 129- Young Adult Fiction 
    • EL 130- Children's Literature: 1900 to Present 
    • EL 259- Critical Approaches to Children's Literature 
    • EL 272- Advanced Studies in Children's Literature 
    • EL 273- Representations of Childhood in Literature 
    • EL 274- Representations of Childhood in Film 
    • In addition, students complete six elective credits. 

    Students are encouraged to choose from the courses listed above and/or choose relevant courses in related disciplines by approval of the director, Dr. Sara Lindey (sara.lindey@stvincent.edu).

    Minor in Creative Writing- 18 credits

    The Minor in Creative Writing serves students who have a passionate interest in writing. Following a flexible program of student in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and literary translation, aspiring writers explore the contemporary landscape of genres and forms with attention to elements of craft and critique. Minors probe intersections with their major field of study and,in the creative process, discover a vehicle for inquiry that can be applied to other disciplines. The minor in Creative Writing cultivates an appreciation for the richness, flexibility, and power of language, as well as a capacity for expression that distinguishes students in an array of professional pursuits.

    EL 110- Introduction to Creative Writing must be taken before or at the same time as other Creative Writing courses. 

    Creative Writing minors may then choose five 5 of the following courses: 

    • EL 142- Creative Writing: Magazine Production 
    • EL 203- Poetry Workshop
    • EL 204- Fiction Workshop
    • EL 244- Creative Nonfiction Workshop  or EL 252- Creative Writing: Literary Translation 
    • Any additional advanced workshop and one advanced literature course.