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SVC Spotlight

Aliesha Walz
Marketing Associate
Class of 2007

 I am the Marketing Associate for the Washington County Community Foundation in Washington, PA, a non-profit that works to promote and facilitate philanthropy in our community.

I am from Scottdale, PA.  I first became familiar with Saint Vincent through the Prevention Projects program that brought “Be Cool” the penguin to local public schools.  When I was a junior in high school, I came on a “Get Acquainted Day” with one of my friends and fell in love with the campus.

Academically, Saint Vincent’s courses were excellent.  They taught me to think more critically and analytically, and they taught me to communicate more effectively.  Additionally, Saint Vincent gave me the opportunity to meet some truly wonderful people – both during my time there as a student and after.

I have fond memories of many of my professors, but Dr. William Snyder of the English department can probably be attributed as being the most influential.  I can say without hesitation that I am a stronger writer because of him.   I enjoyed so many of my classes that it would be difficult to choose an absolute favorite…the Romantic Age, Eighteenth Century Literature, Literary Criticism, Holocaust Questions, Latin, Art History and Black & White Photography…all are about even in my book.

My best advice would be to take advantage of the many resources Saint Vincent has to offer – from prefects to professors and members of the Benedictine community.  No matter what you may need or what questions you may have, there is a knowledgeable and caring support system ready to help you.