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SVC Spotlight

Cornelius Boggs
Biology Major
Class of 2012

 My major is Biology, and I am the Senior Student Advisor of the Multicultural Student Coalition. I am also involved in the SVC College Singers and the International Student Union.

My favorite thing about SVC is the fact that you will not find a better education elsewhere. SVC truly prepares you for your future, whether in graduate school or in the workforce, if you come to SVC you will be prepared. I could not have asked for a greater education. I am also extremely grateful for The Opportunity Program. They have been the backbone to my success and have made sure that I never fall behind. It feels great to have someone there to help when you feel that you may fall.

My most influential professor has to be Dr. Michael Rhodes, my advisor and biology professor. He is truly one of the greatest people that I have met because when everyone else tells me no, he says yes. There have been times when I felt I could go no further and he would not let me quit. He believes in his students and that’s what we need. He is also extremely funny. My favorite course of his is Comparative Anatomy. He makes it interesting and fun to learn, and I have never laughed in a class so much. 

 To the freshmen, I would just like to say that you can do anything you set your mind to. Make the best out of your college experience, but make sure you do so responsibly and with a strong mindset that you can do it! Allow this experience to pave the way for the next one!