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Melissa Cook
Dr. Melissa Cook
Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Melissa Cook is an associate professor and the chair of the communication department. Her favorite part of Saint Vincent? "The kind and caring young adults I teach every day" along with her colleagues, who are "some of the brightest and collegial people I’ll ever meet."

Dr. Cook, who has been teaching at Saint Vincent for almost 10 years, chose to focus on teaching after stints in banking and non-profit management. Her favorite class to teach is Criticism of Media and Society, a capstone class for all communication majors. In the class, students critique pop culture and discuss the motives behind media creation, audience perceptions and reactions. In her words, "we need to understand how media influences our lives and how to ethically create and utilize media in our private and professional lives."

In her spare time, Dr. Cook and her family follow all Pittsburgh sports teams, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins. They attempt to attend a Pens game every month, and are regular guests at events sponsored by the Mario Lemieux Foundation. She has attended almost 30 Bruce Springsteen concerts in the past 30 years, and has even been on TV once - on VH1 Storytellers in 2005!