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SVC Spotlight

Dr. Jennifer Koehl
Associate Professor of Biology

My name is Dr. Jen Koehl. I am an Associate Professor of Biology, and I teach General Biology, Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, and two non-science majors courses: Bacteria, Friends or Foes? and Killer Germs. In addition, I oversee students undergoing their Senior Research Program in Biology (junior proposal, senior research, and senior thesis). I have been at Saint Vincent since 2002 and love it here. I am an avid football fan (Go Bearcats! Go Steelers!) and enjoy teaching my young daughter Heidi about how cool bacteria are.

I am from north of Pittsburgh (Fair Oaks). I did my undergraduate at Lycoming College in Williamsport and my Master’s at Clarion University. I then ventured to Normal, Illinois where I attended Illinois State University for my PhD and met my husband Andy.

My favorite thing about Saint Vincent is the sense of community. Nowhere else do you go where you have students, faculty, and staff who interact so well together. I love the fact that in Biology, the senior research groups have names like “The Koehl Staph!” to show the sense of pride and community in the lab group.

My most memorable moment . . . I don’t think I could pick just one . . . teaching about inflammation in Med Micro, student songs in BFoF, Koehl Staph picnics, ABASM trips, being an Honorary football coach twice and tailgating at every home game, Homecoming and seeing all the alums, running my first 5K with the cross-country teams and alums, the new Dupre Science Pavilion and all the work that went into it, attending the Bowling Club tourney, and the students, definitely all the students are most memorable!

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