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  • LSAT Review Course

    Saint Vincent College will be offering a course designed to assist students in preparing to take the critical LSAT exam as part of their applications to law school. The course will focus on instruction in the areas of analytical reasoning, problem analysis, and reading comprehension, and will be geared to helping students become confident in their approach to this type of standardized exam.  Students in last year’s course saw significant improvement in their LSAT scores.  The course is for one credit and graded pass/fail. 

    Team teaching the course will be Dr. Margaret Watkins, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, who will focus on the logical reasoning and problem analysis part of the course, and Dr. Dennis McDaniel, Chairperson and Associate Professor of English, who will concentrate on the reading comprehension component.

    The course will be offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings in 50 minute sessions beginning at 6:30 p.m. for seven weeks. The first class will be March 11,2014.

    Please contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education for more information or to enroll.  

    Amanda Gunther
    Coordinator for Graduate and Continuing Education