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    RS 119 Exploring Religious Meaning The objective of the course is to explore the meaning of the Judeo-Christian tradition primarily through the study of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, with an appreciation of the various critical methods necessary for further study.

    Students serve 12 hours with a marginalized community and make correlations to course material through graded coursework. Community partners include Clelian Heights, Union Mission, Green Meadows, and Latrobe Regional Health and Rehabilitation.

    PL 215 Ethics Ethics is a practical philosophy indicating, in general, what humans ought to do in light of appropriate rules of conduct and suitable ends. Some fundamental views of right and good are considered in their classical formulations by such thinkers as Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Hume, Kant and Mill. Problems and examples are used to illustrate these views and to provoke judgments regarding critical issues.

    Students prepare and eat a meal with the residents at the Union Mission of Latrobe. They also participate in a scripture reflection with the residents. This experience is followed by an assignment on how the writings of Aristotle and St. Benedict answer the question: "Why should we perform such acts of service?"

    TH 265 God, Work, and Money
    An exploration of the Catholic Church’s social teaching on and contemporary theological study of, poverty, work and economics. It focuses on the theological foundations on economics, the Church's thought on current economic issues, and various moral analyses of current economic issues.

    Students harvest crops at a local farm, which designates a portion of its land to growing fresh produce for the poor. Students also perform community-based research. This initiative was possible through new partnerships with Catholic Charities, the Food Bank and Palmers Sweet Corn.

    SP 203 Intermediate Spanish I
    This course is a systematic grammar review and vocabulary building, with stress on nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and the common tenses of regular and irregular verbs. Introduction to reading techniques is suitable to college level study.

    Students prepared and gave presentations conducive to their course material and provided fellowship with the residents of Green Meadows Assisted Living.

    AR 225 & 325 Painting I and II This intermediate level course is for students who want to learn the methods and materials of painting with oils and acrylics. Its purpose is to provide the students with solid foundation skills and an opportunity to explore a variety of approaches in the creation of paintings including layering, glazing, mixing paint medium and proper studio maintenance.

    For the final project, students paint portraits of exceptional individuals with developmental disabilities from Clelian Heights.

    EL 102 Language and Rhetoric This freshman-level writing course develops students' ability to think clearly and logically and to apply principles of organization, purpose, coherence, support clarity and insight into their writing.

    Student-designed activities with Green Meadows Assisted Living and Mountain View Nursing Care are the centerpiece of the service component for this course. Possible activities include; planting flowers, art projects, board games, and watching movies together.