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    Service Day 2013
    Service to the Community Day

     On Friday, August 23rd, nearly 500 students got to work at community service projects throughout Westmoreland County as part of the sixth annual Service to the Community Day.

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  • International Service Trips

    Our students also have the opportunity internationally to build genuine relationships. 


    Haiti - Window on our Worlds Haiti - Window on our Worlds: This international service learning course combines academic learning and critical reflection with relevant service in a rural Haitian community to enable students to identify critical, global issues affecting Haiti and to deepen their understanding of cross-cultural issues and the connections between the US and countries like Haiti. Through this experience students also grow in their awareness and understanding of self and contribute to building a global "culture of solidarity" and engaged citizenship at Saint Vincent College. This one credit course and service trip occur during spring break each year.

    Interested in a dynamic, fun, demanding experience? Contact Jessica Adams for information. jessica.adams@stvincent.edu; 724-805-2288

    During the 2014 spring break, our students kept a journal of their experience. Check it out here!

    /uploadedImages/Majors_and_Programs/Beyond_Classrooms/Service_Learning_and_Outreach/Content/Stuart Hall .jpgThe Guatemala Service Learning Trip provides students with the opportunity to interact with the population living in and around the garbage dump in Guatemala City, especially those students served at the San Francisco Coll School. As teacher aides, through informal recreational periods, and by assisting with various community improvement projects, students will participate in the life of a community struggling with extreme poverty and governmental neglect. Opportunities for prayer and reflection help to ground the trip as a gospel-centered project as students are invited to consider their own roles in global poverty and its alleviation.

    Contact one of us for more information on this great experience: Kelly King at kelly.king@stvincent.edu or Dr. Christopher McMahon, Theology Department at christopher.mcmahon@stvincent.edu.

    During the summer of 2014, our students kept a journal of their experience. Check it out here!

    Partnering with Hekima Place, SVC students spend two weeks in Kiserian, Kenya just outside of Nairobi. Hekima Place is a home in Kenya for orphaned girls and gives them access to education. In addition, by welcoming the girls into a loving home environment, Hekima Place removes the girls from the dangers of living in the slums or on the streets, where their futures would be at serious risk. SVC students help with school work, playing games, tending to the shamba (garden). Students also visit neighboring town Karen, the giraffe center, and other local attractions.

    Join the adventure. Contact Kelly King at kelly.king@stvincent.edu for more information.