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  • A Place in the Sky

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    ISBN: 1-885851-17-0

    Format: 8x11", gloss paper, 225 pages, 16 full-color pages, over 400 photos, illustrations, documents.

    Perhaps the most and copiously illustrated history of aviation in Pennsylvania. This book also contains the most comprehensive account of the development of All American Aviation's (Dr. Lytle Adams') air mail pickup system now extant. A Place in the Sky contains personal accounts, rare archival photographs, and thorough representation of newspaper accounts concerning aviation in Pennsylvania from its earliest days. Any aviation historian or buff will find this book not only useful and informative, but entertaining as well.

    Featuring-- Biographies of the Pioneers: (Charles B. "Charlie" Carroll, James DeWitt Hill, Carl Strickler, Raymond "Pappy" Elder, Lloyd Santmyer, Clyde Hauger, Dave Patterson, Lou Strickler, Russ Brinkley, Frank Fox, Joe Reedy, Earl Metzler, George Allen, Elmer Ashbaugh, Clifford Ball, D. Barr Peat, Ken Scholter, Dr Lytle Adams. Airports: Longview Flying Field, J.D. Hill Airport, Latrobe Municipal Airport, Latrobe-Westmoreland Airport, Westmoreland County Airport, Bettis Field (Mckeesport, PA), Rodgers Field (Aspinwall, PA), Pittsburgh-Greensburg Airport. Events:All American Aviation Air Mail Pick-Up, Path of Eagle, Pennsylvania Airlines, Pennsylvania Central Airlines, Founding of the OX5 Pioneers of America.

    "To me this is a book about missions and yearnings-the stuff from which aviation history was made. This book belongs on the coffee table of every aviation buff and every airshow fan and every local soul interested in genuine history. Of course, it belongs in all college, school, and public libraries." -- Don Riggs

    "This book goes beyond the Latrobe area in its discussions. It describes how those in the book contributed to aviation in Pennsylvania and the United States, and consequently to the world. It speaks to a broad reader base." -- Carl Santmyer