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  • Listen to Our Words

     listentoourwordsOral Histories of the Jewish Community of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

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    General Editors: Richard David Wissolik; Jennifer Campion; Barbara Wissolik. Editors: Erica Wissolik, Milton Radman, David Wilmes, Joseph Laskos. Introductions: Mark Gruber, OSB; Benedict Janecko, OSB; Ronald E. Tranquilla; Richard David Wissolik. Funded through grants from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the United Jewish Federation, and the Westmoreland County Jewish Community Council. 1997. ISBN: 1-885851-10-3. $30.00

    Comments on the Book

    "I had expected this book to be fascinating, interesting, of use—it is all of those things. I was not prepared to be moved by it, but I was moved, moved not only by the power of reconciliation and memory, but also by the struggles and suffering, the courage, resilience and dignity, the nobility and love embodied in its pages. Here is a book to savor, to learn from, and enjoy." -- Ronald E. Tranquilla, Ph.D., English, Saint Vincent College

    "The spoken words that follow fall into the same categories as the biblical stories; all witness the fact that "salvation is thy house." In this age, when the breakdown of the family catches our attention, the histories in this book give the Jewish people and all of us hope about the future and our own identity and survival, and the role of family and family history." -- Benedict Janecko, O. S. B., Saint Vincent Archabbey