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    The James and Margaret Tseng Loe China Studies Center Fund promotes cross-cultural understanding and cooperation between traditional Chinese culture and American constitutional democracy and technology. This cooperation, further strengthened by the vital principles of Christianity throughout human history - peace, caring and faith - will serve as a foundation for world peace and well being of mankind.


     With deep gratitude, the China Studies Center Fund is dedicated to the memory of Professor James Loe and Mrs. Margaret Tseng Loe for bestowing upon and /instilling in their five daughters the great national heritage, of America and of China. They taught their daughters the American ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy. They also passed on to their daughters the basic Chinese values of the four cardinal moral principles:

    Propriety proprietyFilial Piety  FilialPiety, Integrity intergrity , and Self Respect selfrespect ;

    Along with the eight basic ethical virtues:

    Loyalty loyalty, Filial Piety FilialPiety, Benevolence benevolence, Love love, Trustworthiness trustworthiness, Righteousness righteousness, Harmony harmony, and Temperance temperance.

    They led their daughters to understand that the foundation of true peace - within oneself or among nations - rests not in the power of conquering others, but in the conquering of one's self through these basic ideals and values.


     james_loe  margaret_tseng_loe 
    James Loe, Professor, Diplomat, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China, September 10, 1900-November 24, 1951 Margaret Tseng Loe, Poet, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China, December 31, 1900-February 14, 1939