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    Chinese History and Language Courses Offered at Saint Vincent College:
    HI 108 Traditional East Asian Societies
    HI 109 Modern East Asian Societies
    HI 208 Modern China
    HI 209 Issues in Contemporary East Asia
    HI 270 The Rise of Chinese Civilization
    HI 274 China and Japan in Fiction and Film
    CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I
    CHI 102 Elementary Chinese II
    CHI 203 Intermediate Chinese I
    CHI 204 Intermediate Chinese II
    CHI 305 Advanced Chinese Conversation I
    CHI 306 Reading Chinese
    CHI 307 Advanced Chinese Conversation II
    CHI 310 Chinese Literature in Translation
    CHI 311 Selected Readings in Chinese
    CHI 320 Topics in Chinese Language, Civilization or Literature
    **Course descriptions available online in the College Bulletin 

    Study Abroad Opportunities Offered at Saint Vincent College

    Saint Vincent College students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture by traveling abroad. The following competitive scholarship programs have been established to assist students with study abroad expenses.


    The A.J. Palumbo Student Research Endowment was established in 1996 to promote exemplary scholarship and academic achievement. Grant funding supports student-initiated learning and discovery in the arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, and professional programs.

    The Elizabeth and Tom Andreoli Traveling Scholar Endowment was established to make awards to support special educational opportunities that will broaden students' horizons and deepen their experience beyond the formal classroom setting.

    China Scholarship Opportunities Offered at Saint Vincent College:

    The Rev. Gregory Schramm, O.S.B. and James and Margaret Tseng Loe Friendship Memorial Scholarship was established to be used toward tuition and room and board at Saint Vincent College.