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    Accelerated Podiatric Medicine

    The pre-health professions refers to undergraduate preparation for study in allopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, dental medicine, osteopathic medicine, optometry, podiatric medicine and veterinary medicine. Students interested in these areas may choose any undergraduate major, but a solid foundation in biology and chemistry, and a fundamental knowledge of mathematics and physics are necessary.

    Admission to professional schools is highly competitive and the Pre-Professional Health Committee, composed of faculty from within and outside the natural sciences, works closely with individual students to determine where abilities and interests should be directed. During the freshmen and sophomore years the Committee aids students in course selection, guides them towards extracurricular experiences necessary to be competitive, and provides opportunities for students to learn about admissions, schools and careers.


    Students interested in attending the New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania Colleges of Podiatric Medicine have the option of completing their undergraduate and medical degrees in seven years instead of eight years. The required course of study while at Saint Vincent College follows. Students should consult the Chairperson of the Preprofessional Health Committee for additional information.

    History 6 credits
    English 6 credits
    Philosophy 6 credits
    Theology 6 credits
    Social Sciences 6 credits
    Intermediate Language 6 credits
    General Chemistry 8 credits
    Organic Chemistry 8 credits
    Mathematics 8 credits
    Physics 8 credits
    General Biology 8 credits
    Cell Biology 4 credits

    Additionally, 12 credits must be selected from:
    Molecular Genetics and Laboratory
    Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Laboratory
    Mammalian Physiology and Laboratory
    Histology and Laboratory

    All students must take one course designated as a First-Year Seminar.
    Total credit hours at Saint Vincent College: 95 hours.

    At the end of the second year of successful study at the College of Podiatric Medicine, the student receives the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Biology from Saint Vincent College. At the end of the fourth year of successful study at the College of Podiatric Medicine, the student receives the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree.