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    The Accounting Program

    As evidenced by the strong demand in recent years for SVC accounting graduates, the marketplace has clearly seen the value of a degree in accounting. An undergraduate curriculum in accounting offers a student not only the specific skills needed to begin a career in accounting, but also provides a broad overview of all areas of a business enterprise.

    Distinctive features of the McKenna School Accounting Major

    1. McKenna business majors are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)—one of the top two premier accrediting agencies for business schools worldwide. With a requirement for faculty professional development and courses primarily (at least 70% at SVC) taught by PhDs, the ACBSP is the number one business accreditation program devoted to teaching excellence and service to students. 
    2. Our accounting job and internship placements are exceptional.
      2010-11 Accounting job placements within six months of graduation:
      Placement: 22 out of 24 graduates, 2 are unknown, median starting salary is $44,000
      • Bayer (2 students) 
      • Ernst & Young (3 students)
      • ATT
      • BNY Mellon (2 students)
      • Bechtel
      • McCrory and McDowell
      • Tower Metrix
      • S.R. Snodgrass (2 students)
      • McClure and Wolf, CPA
      • Schneider Downs
      • Center Rock, Inc.
      • Zimack Properties
      • D. G. Sisterson
      • Alpern Rosenthal
      • Reed Smith
      • Old Republic Insurance (accounting)
      • Howard Hanna (Relocations Department)

      May 2012 Graduates, early data: Median Starting Salary is $45,250.

      • Ernst and Young 
      •  Schneider Downs
      •  Kennametal Corporation
      • Sisterson
      • MS in Accounting at University of Pittsburgh
    3. Rankings: The McKenna business seniors score exceptionally well on the ETS undergraduate business field test. Out of 685 accredited (i.e., ACBSP and AACSB) business schools, we consistently rank overall in the top 10% of the nation. Three of last four years, in accounting, we scored in the top 13.5% of the nation and in the top 4.5% in 2008-09.
    4. Students can complete the 150 credit hour requirement for the CPA in four years. After graduating, if you require an additional semester to achieve the 150 credits, you make take additional classes at SVC at a 50% discount or you may take graduate business credits with a 15% tuition discount.
    5. Students may join Women in Business, the Finance Club, Marketing Matrix, the OE Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and Delta Mu Delta, the national Greek honor society for business majors.
    • Prepares students for entry-level positions in public accounting, industry, government, or other accounting-related positions;
    • Prepares interested students for graduate study in business;
    • Prepares students for further study leading to professional certification as a certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant (CMA), and other professional certifications.

    Business Core (43 credits) Credits
    BA 100* Financial Accounting I (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 104* Introduction to Management (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 220 Principles of Marketing (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 265 Management Information Systems (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 305 Business Ethics (junior year preferred) - 3 credits
    BA 320 Corporate Finance I (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 340 Business Law (junior year) - 3 credits
    BA 350 Statistics I (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 351 Statistics II (sophomore year) - 3 credits or EC 360 Econometrics (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 495 Business Policy and Strategy (senior year) - 3 credits
    EC 101 Principles of Microeconomics (freshman year) - 3 credits
    EC 102 Principles of Macroeconomics (freshman year) - 3 credits
    PS 100* Principles of American Politics - 3 credits
    MA 109/111* Calculus I (freshman year) - 4 credits

    Accounting Major Requirements (27 credits)
    BA 102 Financial Accounting II (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 200 Intermediate Accounting I - 3 credits
    BA 201 Intermediate Accounting II - 3 credits
    BA 300 Cost Accounting I - 3 credits
    BA 310 Taxes I - 3 credits
    BA 405 Auditing - 3 credits
    BA 470 International Accounting - 3 credits
    Choose two courses from the following (6 credits):
    BA 301 Cost Accounting II
    BA 311 Taxes II
    BA 325 Analysis of Financial Statements
    BA 400 Advanced Accounting
    BA 406 Forensics Auditing
    BA 440 Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting

    * For those students pursuing a CPA, the classes chosen beyond those required must be carefully selected. Your advisor will guide you in your selection of courses to optimize your performance on the CPA exam and to take into account the 150 credit requirement of the State of Pennsylvania.

     ** Total credits required for the Business Administration Accounting major is 70 credits. After completing this major and the college core, you will have 7 credits for electives.


    Accounting Minor: Required courses (4)
    BA 100 Financial Accounting I  - 3 credits
    BA 101 Financial Accounting II - 3 credits
    BA 200 Intermediate Accounting I - 3 credits
    BA 210 Intermediate Accounting II - 3 credits

    In addition to the above, choose any two of the following:
    BA 150 Managerial Accounting or BA 300 Cost Accounting I - 3 credits
    BA 301 Cost Accounting II - 3 credits
    BA 310 Taxes I - 3 credits
    BA 311 Taxes II - 3 credits
    BA 325 Analysis of Financial Statements - 3 credits
    BA 400 Advanced Accounting - 3 credits
    BA 405 Auditing I - 3 credits
    BA 406 Forensics Auditing - 3 credits
    BA 470 International Accounting - 3 credits

    Students obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting will possess the necessary prerequisite coursework to satisfy the standards of our accrediting agency (The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). Students will achieve knowledge in the following areas: management, accounting, marketing, economics, statistics, finance, business ethics, legal environment of a business, business policy and strategy, quantitative skills, global dimensions of business, and information systems.