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  • Internships and Careers in Accounting

    • Our job placements are exceptional—almost 100% within six months of graduation. We also have exceptionally high pass rates on the CPA exam.
    • Outstanding job placements (e.g., KPMG; U.S. Steel; Ernst and Young; Bechtel; Bayer; BNY Mellon; Department of Defense; Grossman, Yanak and Ford; SAP; Sisterton; S.R. Snodgrass; Malin Berguist and Company; IRS; Matson, Driscoll and Damico; Beard Miller Company; Calibre CPA Group; Schneider Downs CPA; Bombardier Transportation; Deloitte and Touche; Kennametal Inc;)
    • Superior Internships (e.g., Latrobe Steel; BNYU Mellon; Attorney General’s Office; Hamill Manufacturing; Bayer; Westinghouse Electric; American Cancer Society; Kline Kimian CPA; Grossman, Yanak, and Ford; McCroy & McDowell; Ernst and Young; Malin Bergquist & Co.; )