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    Br. Mark Floreanini
    Br. Mark Floreanini, O.S.B.
    Associate Professor of Visual Arts

     I love the monastery, the monastic life and that I can teach at the college and be around the wonderful students who bring even more joy to my life.

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  • School of Humanities and Fine Arts 

    The Art Administration Visual Arts Concentration Program

    The Department of Visual Arts 

    Visual Arts Learning Objectives:

    • Students should know and be able to use discipline-based vocabulary.
    • Students should be able to critique their own work as well as the work of others.
    • Students should be able to identify stylistic characteristics.
    • Students should have acquired basic facility in a broad range of media or research methods.
    • Students should have acquired advanced facility in one medium.
    • Students should have understanding of possible career paths.

    Students who successfully complete the Arts Administration major with a Visual Arts concentration will receive a solid background in business, an understanding of various art organizations, and be uniquely qualified to administer various arts and nonprofit organizations. Higher level positions are given to those with master degrees, so it is recommended that graduates of the program consider obtaining a graduate in business or arts administration.

    This is an interdisciplinary major.  Some courses required for this major are in different departments or divisions.  Course descriptions for courses marked BA can be found in the Department of Business Administration listings, CA in the Department of Communications listings, and HI in the Department of History listings.

    Arts Administration Major with Visual Arts Concentration (48 credits) 

    Required courses (39 credits):
    AR 101   Art History I:  Ancient through Renaissance - 3 credits
    AR 102   Art History II:  Baroque to the Present - 3 credits
    AR 130   Drawing I - 3 credits
    AR 131   Design:  Two-Dimensional - 3 credits
    AR 280   Museum and Performing Arts Studies - 3 credits
    AR 320   Junior Seminar - 3 credits
    AR 420   Senior Research Project/Thesis - 3 credits
    AR 550   Internship - 3 credits
    BA 102   Survey of Accounting - 3 credits
    BA 104   Introduction to Management - 3 credits
    BA 220   Principles of Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 230   Introduction to Entrepreneurship - 3 credits
    HI 306   Introduction to Non-Profit Organizations - 3 credits

    One course selected from (3 credits):
    AR 145   Introduction to Film Studies - 3 credits
    AR 205   World Art History - 3 credits
    AR 370   Avant-Garde Art:  19th and 20th Century - 3 credits

    Two courses selected from (6 credits):
    AR 330   Digital Photography and Post-Production - 3 credits
    CA 235   Introduction to Web Design - 3 credits
    CA 285   Electronic Media - 3 credits
        or any other art studio or art history course offered by the department

    Recommended Electives:
    EL 109   Business Communications - 3 credits
    BA 150   Managerial Accounting - 3 credits
    BA 305   Business Ethics - 3 credits