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    Bioinformatics at Saint Vincent College provides students with a distinctive combination of analytical and scientific training coupled with a broad-based liberal arts education. This mixture is a natural fit at Saint Vincent, allowing students to explore interdisciplinary connections both among the sciences and in relation to the world around them. Opportunities for pursuing individual interests within and across disciplines are encouraged, including summer internships and research experiences (on or off-campus).

    Bioinformatics Students will design and carry out their own bioinformatics project as a capstone experience, including a written thesis. This work will also be presented either orally or in poster format at the annual St. Vincent Academic Symposium. Students from the program have also presented their work at meetings such as the annual Duquesne Summer Research symposium in Pittsburgh and the Rocky Bioinformatics Meeting in Aspen, Colorado.

     Bioinformatics Work and Research Programs

    • The Collaborative Learning Program (CLP) allows students to interact with their peers, learning more about their fields through regular meetings and field trips.


    Previous Senior Theses:

    Mallory Freeberg (2009) "Functional Annotation of Conserved, Non-Coding Elements in the Branchiostoma floridae Genome"

    Mary Boland (2010) "The Functional Annotation of Putatively Conserved Non-Coding Regions in Branchiostoma floridae" 

    Kimberly Lesnock (2011) "Modeling Pogomyrmex barbatus foraging behavior"

    Aaron Seckar (2012) "Tracing the Evolution of the KH Protein Domain" 

    Martin Sherbondy (2012) "Assessment of an Orthopedic Information Presentation System"

    Matthew Kelly (2012) "Information Storage and Retrieval of KH Protein Domains"

    Josh Martin (2012) "Sequence Analysis of the Deinococcus Genus to Explain Relative Radiation Resistance

    Aaron Lazuka (2013) "Investigation of Genes Mutated in Amelogenesis Imperfecta"

    Nick Huhn (2013) "Genomic Analysis of the Deinococcus Family"