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  • James KellamDr. James Kellam

    Associate Professor of Biology  

    N108, Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion 


    Research Interests

    Behavioral Ecology
    Wildlife Biology 


    B.A. Human Ecology. 1996. College of the Atlantic. Bar Harbor, Maine.
    Ph.D. Biological Sciences. 2003. Purdue University. West Lafayette, Indiana.

    Courses Taught

    BL 150 General Biology I
    BL 151 General Biology I Laboratory
    BL 114 Human Biology and Laboratory
    BL 119 Conservation Biology
    BL 228 Wildlife Biology
    BL 229 Wildlife Biology Laboratory
    BL 230 Ornithology
    BL 301 Junior Research Seminar
    BL 302 Research Project
    BL 303 Research Thesis
    Recent Publications

    Kellam J.S. 2003. Pair bond maintenance in pileated woodpeckers at roost sites during autumn. Wilson Bulletin 115: 186-192.

    Kellam J.S., Wingfield J.C., and Lucas J.R. 2004. Nonbreeding season pairing behavior and the annual cycle of testosterone in male and female downy woodpeckers, Picoides pubescens. Hormones and Behavior 46: 703-714.

    Koenig W.D., Walters E.L., Walters J.R., Kellam J.S., Michalek K.G., and Schrader M.S. 2005. Seasonal body weight variation in five species of woodpeckers. The Condor 107: 810-822.

    Kellam J.S., Lucas J.R., and Wingfield J.C. 2006. The role of testosterone in male downy woodpeckers in winter home range use, mate interactions and female foraging behaviour. Animal Behaviour 71: 695-707.