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  • What Can I Do With a Major in Biology?

    Biology is one of the more popular majors on the Saint Vincent Campus. Students have the option of pursuing either the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree; in addition to the option of participating in the Pre-Health Professions program. The curriculum is designed for students pursuing advanced degrees in biology or health-related fields, as well as those planning to directly enter the workforce or secondary education. Curricular objectives focus on promoting a broad, well-rounded foundation in biology while enabling pursuit of an area of specialization. Entering freshmen study the primary subdisciplines of biology and then select either cell and molecular, organismal, or population biology as an area of concentration. All students take coursework in each of the concentrations, but they engage their area of concentration to a greater extent. A hallmark of the curriculum is an emphasis on hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art labs or in the field, and all students complete a three semester independent research project as a graduation requirement.

    Upon graduation our students go on to medical schools (greater than 90% of students recommended by our Pre-Health Professions committee were accepted to medical programs), dental programs, veterinary schools, graduate schools, health professions schools (Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy), teaching positions (students can pursue secondary school teaching certification in biology), and jobs in university research laboratories, research centers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, environmental companies/organizations, federal agencies, and the food and beverage industry.