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  • Education Department Faculty and Staff

    Faculty members of the education department at Saint Vincent College are experts in their field who know how to prepare their students for a career in the classroom. Along with our knowledgeable staff, they will take a personal interest in helping their students succeed and become the best teacher they can be. 

     Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Communication, and Education
    Dr. Mary Beth Spore 

    Education Department, Chairperson
    Dr. Veronica Ent 

    Education Department, Secretary
     Joan Roach 

    Fulltime Faculty

    Mrs. Kathleen Beining
    Ms. Carol Borland, Coordinator of Experiential Learning in Teacher Education
    Dr. Janet Franicola
    Dr. Mary Anne Hazer
    Dr. Linda Jukes
    Rev. Dr. Philip Kanfush, O.S.B.
    Dr. Robert Michalow
    Dr. Richard Nichols
    Dr. Stacie Nowikowski
    Dr. Kathleen Ramos
    Dr. Robert Thomas 
    Dr. Dawn Turkovich

    Adjunct Faculty

    Ms. Allison Arendas
    Ms. Courtney Baum
    Ms. Angela Belli
    Mr. Trent Bocan
    Mr. Steve Clark
    Mrs. Christine Colbert
    Ms. Jacqueline Colland
    Ms. Samantha Fecich
    Dr. Paul Follansbee
    Mrs. Sharon Greene
    Mr. Timothy Hammill
    Mr. Jason Hilton
    Ms. Elaine King
    Ms. Laurene Kristof
    Ms. Carol Leshock
    Mrs. Lisa Maloney
    Mr. Jerry Mansfield
    Mr. Donald McIlvaine
    Dr. Tracy McNelly
    Dr. Wendy Milne
    Mr. Sean Myers
    Dr. Constance Palmer
    Ms. Andrea Redinger
    Ms. Wanda Reynolds
    Dr. William Rullo
    Mr. Aaron Sams
    Mr. Alvin Sanfilippo
    Dr. William Scheeren
    Dr. Lucinda Soltys
    Ms. Deborah Stock
    Ms. Briana Taylor
    Ms. Kathleen Tobolewski
    Mr. Richard Volpatti