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    Education, K-12

    Candidates will be able to:

    • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of content and pedagogical skills in planning and preparation.
    • Establish and maintain a purposeful and equitable environment for learning.
    • Recognize research trends, preferred teaching styles, and desired learning outcomes
    • Use a variety of instructional strategies to engage K-12 students
    • Address instructional needs of ESL and special needs students within the regular classroom setting
    • Show evidence of effective classroom management skills
    • Employ effective instructional technologies
    • Exhibit professionalism in all aspects that occur both in and beyond the classroom
    • Abide by the Pennsylvania Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators

    Requirement for K-12 Certification
    In addition to the courses listed below, candidates must satisfy the requirements for a major in an academic degree program related to their area of certification and have a minimum of six (6) credits in English [one (1) composition, one (1) literature] and six (6) credits in college mathematics (100-level or above).

    Courses in psychology (12 credits)
    PY 115 Educational Psychology* - 3 credits
    PY 214 Adolescent Psychology* - 3 credits
    PY 290 Psychology/Education of the Exceptional Student - 3 credits
    PY 381 Educational Testing - 3 credits

    Courses in basic pedagogy (16 credits)
    ED 100 Foundations of Education* - 3 credits
    ED 205 Strategies and Techniques of Instruction - 2 credits
    ED 208 Classroom Partnerships and Inclusion - 3 credits
    ED 220 Academic Intervention and Differentiation in the Content Areas - 2 credits
    ED 300-306 Teaching in the Content Area (discipline area) - 3 credits
    ED 390 Teaching Nonnative and Culturally Diverse Students - 3 credits

    Field experiences (17 credits)
    ED 103 Field Experience I: K-12 and Secondary** - 1 credit
    ED 206 Field Experience II: Strategies and Techniques of Instruction - 1 credit
    ED 322 Field Experience III: K-12 and Secondary Instruction and Theory - 1 credit
    ED 400 Field Experience IV: Pre-Student Teaching Practicum - 2 credits
    ED 410 Field Experience V: Student Teaching Internship  - 8 credits
    ED 411 Professional Seminar - 3 credits

    Education courses required specifically for secondary Social Studies
    ED 109 Physical and Cultural Geography* - 3 credits 

    *Also fulfills Core Curriculum requirements.
    **ED 207 (Practicum in Education I) may be substituted for ED 103

     K-12 Certification Content Majors:
    Chinese Language and Culture Minor with History Major
    Environmental Education
    Business, Computer and Tech