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  • Education, Middle Grades 4-8

    Middle school is a crucial time for children as they transition from their early childhood to their teenage years. Teachers with a Middle Grades certification familiarize their students more advanced subjects, while also helping them navigate the trials of discovering and building their identities and “growing up.”  

    Graduates with a Middle Level certification will be able to:

    • Appropriately demonstrate knowledge of Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Middle Level Education
    • Apply concepts and theories related to young adolescent development
    • Make explicit connections between middle level content areas, cognitive development, literacy, special education and English Language Learners
    • Assess student learning and align instruction to meet the student’s individual needs
    • Use instructional strategies and other evidence-based best practices in the content areas
    • Establish effective classroom routines and procedures and appropriately establish and maintain rapport with students • Acquire knowledge of school and district procedures for growth and professional development
    • Acquire knowledge of school and district procedures for growth and professional development
    • Abide by the Pennsylvania Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators

    Requirements for Middle Grade Certification 

    All candidates for a B.S. in Middle Grades Education must meet the following general studies requirements:
    HI 106 or 107 Topics in US History* - 3 credits
    HI 258 Pennsylvania History* - 3 credits
    EL 129 Young Adult Fiction* - 3 credits
    AR 100 Art and Music of Western Culture* - 3 credits
    EL 102 Language and Rhetoric - 3 credits
    EL 208 Pedagogy of Composition* - 3 credits
    MA 104 Elementary Functions* - 3 credits
    Earth Space Science with lab* - 4 credits
    Life Science with lab* - 4 credits
    CA 235 Introduction to Web Design* - 3 credits
    PS 100 American Politics* - 3 credits
    *Also fulfills Core Curriculum requirements.

    Required Studies in Psychology (15 credits)
    PY 115 Educational Psychology* - 3 credits
    PY 201 Applied Statistics and Research - 3 credits
    PY 214 Adolescent Development - 3 credits
    PY 290 Psychology and Education for Exceptional Students - 3 credits
    PY 381 Educational Testing – 3 credits

    Required Studies in Mathematics (6 additional credits than general studies)
    MA 102 Mathematics for Teachers - 3 credits
    MA 103 Geometric and Measurement Theory - 3 credits

    Required Studies in Science (4 additional credits than general studies)
    PH 106/107 Physical Geology and Lab or 108/109 Our Dynamic Planet and Lab - 4 credits

    Required Studies in Education (39 credits Middle Grade Education 4-8)
    ED 100 Educational Foundations - 3 credits*
    ED 102 or 207 Field Experience - 1 credit
    ED 109 Physical and Cultural Geography - 3 credits
    ED 205 Strategies and Techniques of Instruction - 2 credits
    ED 206 Field Experience II: Strategies and Techniques of Instruction - 1 credit
    ED 208 Classroom Partnerships and Inclusion - 3 credits
    ED 235 Teaching of Science and Mathematics for Middle and Special Learners - 2 credits
    ED 237 Teaching of Humanities for Middle and Special Learners - 2 credits
    ED 311 Field Experience III: Middle Grade Instruction and Theory - 3 credits
    ED 320 Composition and Language Arts for Upper Elementary - 2 credits
    ED 390 Teaching of Nonnative Speaking and Culturally Diverse Students - 3 credits
    ED 400 Field Experience IV: Pre-Student Teaching - 2 credits
    ED 410 Field Experience V: Student Teaching Internship - 9 credits
    ED 411 Professional Seminar - 3 credits

    Required Additional Studies in one (1) content area:
    Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics (18 credits)

    Students enrolled in the B.S. in Middle Grades Education (4-8) are required to take 18 credits in one (1) concentration area in addition to the above requirements.

    Language Arts [six (6) courses must include at least one (1) communication course, one (1) writing course, and one (1) literature course]:
    EL 110 Introduction to Creative Writing
    EL 131 Survey of American Literature I
    EL 137 American Short Story
    EL 146 Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking
    CA 100 Introduction to Mass Media
    CA 120 Public Presentation

    Social Studies [six (6) courses must include at least one (1) economics course, one (1) political science course, one (1) sociology course, and (1) history course]:
    HI 123 Global History I
    HI 228 Twentieth Century America 1941-1980
    EC 101/2 Micro or Macro Economics
    PS 121 National Government
    PS 227 Criminal Law and Process
    SO 106 Sociology and Global Issues

    Science [five (5) courses not more than two (2) biology, chemistry, environmental science courses]:
    CH 101/103 General Chemistry I and Lab
    BL 150/151 General Biology and Lab
    BL 112 Understanding Biotechnology
    PH 103/104 Introduction to Physics and Lab
    ES 150/152 Earth Systems Science and Lab

    Mathematics [six (5) courses] Recommended courses:
    MA 109 Calculus I
    MA 110 Calculus II
    MA 210 Euclidean and Non Euclidean Geometrics
    MA 117 Methods of Proof
    BA 350 Statistics I
    *Also fulfills Core Curriculum requirements.