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  • Student Work and Research
    in Environmental Science

    All students in environmental science develop, carry out, and report on a research project. The project begins in the junior year with a review of the relevant literature and the development of a project proposal. Under the guidance of a faculty research mentor, the project is completed in the fall semester of the senior year. In the spring, students write a thesis, give an oral presentation and present a poster on the results of their work. Past research projects have included:

    • Environmental Science Student WorkImproving Energy Efficiency at Saint Vincent College
    • Analysis of an Acid Rain Impacted Lake
    • Treatment Methods for Ailanthus altissima
    • Analysis of Chemical and Biological Characteristics of a Sewage-Recovered Stream
    • The Greening of College Campuses: Calculating Carbon Emissions of Saint Vincent College
    • Pollination Activity and the Favored Variables for Certain Species of Bees

    Students also have the opportunity to gain practical experience in environmental science without leaving the grounds of Saint Vincent College. The Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve and the Monastery Run Improvement Project, both located on campus, offer an opportunity for our students to conduct important environmental science research and utilize our laboratories to analyze results.