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  • Student Work and Research in Environmental Science

    All students in environmental science develop, carry out, and report on a research project. The project begins in the junior year with a review of the relevant literature and the development of a project proposal. Under the guidance of a faculty research mentor, the project is completed in the fall semester of the senior year. In the spring, students write a thesis, give an oral presentation, and present a poster on the results of their work. Past research projects have included:

    • Improving Energy Efficiency at Saint Vincent College
    • Analysis of an Acid Rain Impacted Lake
    • Treatment Methods for Ailanthus altissima
    • Analysis of Chemical and Biological Characteristics of a Sewage-Recovered Stream
    • The Greening of College Campuses: Calculating Carbon Emissions of Saint Vincent College
    • Pollination Activity and the Favored Variables for Certain Species of Bees