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    With a Major in Environmental Science?

    Environmental Science What Can I Do

    Environmental science is multidisciplinary in its approach to solving environmental problems. Our philosophy is that environmental problems are best solved through careful scientific investigations within the context of social, political and ethical studies.

    Required coursework in the natural sciences provides students with a strong scientific background. Advanced courses in environmental topics such as wildlife biology, environmental chemistry or environmental disturbances provide depth of scientific investigations. Courses in the social sciences and humanities provide context for working on environmental problems in modern society.

    As a result, our students are prepared to pursue a variety of careers in the environmental field. By choosing a minor or electives, students can design a program that ideally fits their career goals. The major can prepare students for careers in the environmental field such as environmental monitoring or testing, environmental communication, watershed management or environmental education. Students can also pursue graduate programs in environmental science, environmental law or education.