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    The French Program

    Students have the opportunity to

    • develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing 
    • develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures 
    • engage in cross-cultural comparisons 
    • make connections with other disciplines of study 
    • participate in multilingual communities abroad or in the U.S.

    French Major Requirements (36 credits)

    Required Courses:
    FR 308 Introduction to Phonetics - 3 credits
    FR 315 Advanced Grammar & Composition - 3 credits
    FR 320 Developing Oral Proficiency in French - 3 credits
    FR 343 Contemporary France - 3 credits
    FR 444 French Culture and Civilization - 3 credits

    One course from the following 3 credits:
    FR 321 Survey of French Literature I or FR 322 Survey of French Literature II 3
    Electives: Any 4 courses beyond FR 204 - 12 credits (two courses must be in literature)

    Required Core Courses: AN 222 Cultural Anthropology 3 or AN 328 Anthropology of Communication/Linguistics - 3 credits
    AR 102 Art History II: Baroque to the Present - 3 credits
    HI 104 or 105 Contemporary Europe I or II - 3 credits 

    FR 550 is highly recommended. French majors are required to pursue a second major or a minor. French majors are also required to develop a portfolio and to undergo annual assessments of their oral skills.

    Study abroad is essential to attain proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing French. Therefore, a minimum of a 9-credit summer program or one semester of study in France or a French -speaking country or region is required. For students who are not able to study abroad, language study in an immersion setting may be substituted. All programs must be approved by the department chair.

    Teacher Preparation
    Students seeking French certification, grades K-12, will take a minor in Education. Students are directed to read about the teacher certification requirements in the Education section of this Bulletin. They are also advised to contact the Chairperson of the Education Department for additional guidance. This program will be implemented pending approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    Requirements for French Minor (18 credits): A minor in French requires 6 courses beyond FR203. The following 4 courses are required ( 12 credits):
    FR 315 Advanced French Grammar and Composition - 3 credits 
    FR 320 Developing Oral Proficiency in French - 3 credits
    FR 444 French Culture and Civilization - 3 credits
    Any 300 level course in literature - 3 credits
    Electives: Any 2 courses from the 200 or 300 level - 6 credits