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  • Dr. Thomas Ernst

     Thomas ErnstAssistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages (German) 

    Alfred Hall, 4th Floor
    724-805-2876 (on campus ext. 2876)

    Dr. Ernst’s research interests lie in cryptology: he was the first to decipher the liber tertius of Johannes Trithemius’ Steganographia (1500) alongside W. E. Heidel’s enciphered commentary (1675); he also uncovered an early 17th Century cryptographic forgery.

    Courses Taught

    Elementary German I, II
    Intermediate German I, II
    Advanced German Composition
    Conversational German
    German Phonetics
    History of the German Language
    German Literature of the Middle Ages
    German Baroque Literature and Civilization
    German Culture and Civilization of the 18th Century
    German Romanticism
    Early 20th Century Literature