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  • Mr. William Doody

    Assistant Professor of History  

    Placid Room 311
    (724) 805-2874

    Office hours - Varying


    BA in History and Spanish, with High Honors Saint Vincent College, December 1998 
    MAT in Instruction and Learning (Concentration in Social Studies Education) University of Pittsburgh, August 2000 
    Candidate, MA in History Indiana University of Pennsylvania Expected: May 2006


    “Social Stratification and Language in Early Modern Europe: A New Invention or Another Chapter in a Long History?” The Endnote: IUP’s Online Student History Journal, 1 (Spring 2004): 48-58. http://www.iup.edu/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=37679 

    Lesson Plans

    “The Decisive Victory: Philadelphia and the Winning of the War for American Independence.” Explore PA History online project. 2003. http://www.explorepahistory.com/viewLesson.php?id=33 

    Reference Articles

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    In Pursuit of Freedom: Teaching the Underground Railroad by William C. Kashatus. Forthcoming in The History Teacher.

    Atlantic History: Contours and Concepts by Bernard Bailyn. Forthcoming in Journal of World History.

    Recent Presentations

    Chair and comment, “Twentieth Century Pennsylvania.” Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Association, Pittsburgh, October 2005.

    Chair, “Contested Patriotism: Society and Politics in Civil War Pennsylvania.” Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Association, Bethlehem, October 2004.

    “Reconstruction and Indiana County, Pennsylvania: 1865-1877.” Invited lecture to graduate and undergraduate students in the “Civil War and Reconstruction” course at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, December 2003.

    “Hispanic Communities of Philadelphia and Reading, Pennsylvania.” Fall Symposium of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, November 2003.

    “Small Community Reactions to Reconstruction: The Case of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, 1865-1877.” Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Association, Harrisburg, October 2003.

    The Hispanic Communities of Reading, Pennsylvania.” Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Association, Millersville, October 2002.

    Andreoli Student Research and Travel Grant, St. Vincent, 1998

    Rev. Fintan R. Shoniker Memorial Award, St. Vincent, 1998-1999
    (“For Outstanding Historical Research and Writing”)

    Award for Excellence in Spanish, St. Vincent, 1998-1999

    J.O. Wood Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh, 2000

    Who’s Who in America, 60th edition (2006)

    Who’s Who in American Education, 7th edition (2006)