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    Simon Clayton
    Marketing Major
    Class of 2012

     After graduation, Simon will begin work for PNC Bank in Washington, D.C. 

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    The Marketing Program

    Marketing at Saint Vincent College addresses the fundamental truths about human behavior and applies them in specific business settings. Marketing students are provided with the necessary background and tools to understand the role of marketing in business and society by leaning heavily on the quantitative and social sciences, particularly economics, psychology, and statistics. These diverse conceptual, theoretical, and empirical underpinnings of marketing give McKenna School students a working knowledge of how marketing interrelates with all functional areas of business and influences virtually all organizational plans and decisions.

    Distinctive features of the McKenna School Marketing Major  

    1. McKenna business majors are accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)—one of the top two premier accrediting agencies for business schools worldwide. With a requirement for faculty professional development and courses primarily (at least 70% at SVC) taught by PhDs, the ACBSP is the number one business accreditation program devoted to teaching excellence and service to students.
    2. Our marketing job and internship placements are exceptional.
      2010-11 Marketing job placements within six months of graduation:
      Placement: 26 out of 28 graduates, 2 are unknown, median starting salary is $44,700
      • US Steel
      • Harris Connect IDC, Division of Fundraising
      • McJunkin Red Man Corporation, Inside Sales
      • Community Empowerment Association
      • Lesco Credit Union, Marketing Specialist
      • Quest Software, Research Analyst
      • NY Life, Series 6 passed
      • PNCBank, Executive Training Program
      • DigitalPersona as a Sales Operation Analyst
      • MMI Marketing
      • Gulfport Energy
      • Radisson in Greentree—guest service agent
      • American Red Cross ATT
      • PLS Logistics 84 Lumber
      • Equiparts Steelers
      • Bechtel Disney College
      • Lowes Home Improvement, Customer Service Associate
      • Comcast Spotlight, Marketing Assistant
      • ABB, Inc. Sales Engineer
      • PNCbank, Operations Analyst
      • Columbus Blue Jackets, Inside Sales Representative APEX surfaces in Brazil
      • Maxim Healthcare Systems (Healthcare Recruiter)
    3. Rankings: The McKenna business seniors score exceptionally well on the ETS undergraduate business field test. Out of 685 accredited (i.e., ACBSP and AACSB) business schools, we consistently rank overall in the top 10% of the nation. In marketing, the McKenna School scored in the top 11.5% of the nation in 2009, top 11.5% in 2010, and top 18.1% in 2011. In fall 2011, the McKenna School had one of its best academic achievements and finished in the top 8.1% in marketing.
    4. Students may join Women in Business, the Finance Club, Marketing Matrix, the OE Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, and Delta Mu Delta, the national Greek honor society for business majors.

    McKenna School marketing majors will:

    • achieve expertise in focus groups, experimental design, observational and survey research, advertising campaigns, global marketing and sales management observational research;
    • develop applied data analytic tools relevant to the marketing discipline;
    • build effective communication and project management skills;
    • develop the requisite intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills allowing them to ethically address complex real-world challenges and opportunities.

    The McKenna School also offers a minor in Marketing.


    All Marketing Majors must take both Business Core and Core Curriculum:

    Business Core(43 credits)
    BA 100* Financial Accounting I (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 170* Organizational Behavior (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 220 Principles of Marketing (2nd semester freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 265 Management Information Systems (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 305 Business Ethics (junior year preferred) - 3 credits
    BA 320 Corporate Finance I (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 340 Business Law (junior year) - 3 credits
    BA 350 Statistics I (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 351 Statistics II (sophomore year) or
         EC 360 Econometrics (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 495 Business Policy and Strategy (senior year) - 3 credits
    EC 101 Principles of Microeconomics (freshman year) - 3 credits
    EC 102 Principles of Macroeconomics (freshman year) - 3 credits
    PS 100* Principles of American Politics - 3 credits
    MA 109/111* Calculus I (freshman year) - 4 credits
    BA 00P ePortfolio Requirement (semester of graduation - pass/fail)

    College Core (48 credits)
    TH 119 First Theology (freshman year) - 3 credits
    Theology (200 Level) - 3 credits
    Theology (300 Level) - 3 credits
    History (100 Level) - 3 credits
    History (200 Level) - 3 credits
    PL 101 1st Philosophy - 3 credits
    Philosophy Elective (PL 215 Ethics suggested) - 3 credits
    Natural Science with lab (see Bulletin) - 4 credits
    Natural Science with lab (see Bulletin) - 4 credits
    EL 102 Language and Rhetoric (freshman year) - 3 credits
    English Elective (Literature Course) - 3 credits
    English Elective - 3 credits
    Fine Arts (100 Level) - 3 credits
    Foreign Language Intermediate Level - 3 credits
    Foreign Language Intermediate Level - 3 credits
    First-Year Seminar (additional hour) - 1 credit

    Marketing major requirements (24 credits)
    BA 150 Managerial Accounting (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 330 Advertising and Promotion - 3 credits
    BA 380 Consumer Behavior - 3 credits
    BA 395 Global Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 397 Marketing Research - 3 credits
    BA 425 Strategic Marketing - 3 credits
    BA --- Marketing Elective: Sports Marketing, Internet Marketing or Essentials of Sales - 6 credits

    *Satisfies Core Curriculum requirements for Social Sciences and Mathematics.

    Total required for the Business Administration Marketing major is 67 credits. After completing this major and the college core, you will have 9 credits for electives.

    Marketing Minor

    Required courses: 4 for non-business majors and 5 for business majors
    BA 102 Survey of Accounting (non-business majors only) or BA 101
    BA 150 Financial Accounting I (3) (business majors) and Managerial Accounting (3) (business majors) - 6 credits
    BA 220 Principles of Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 330 Advertising and Promotion - 3 credits
    BA 380 Consumer Behavior - 3 credits

    In addition to the above, any two of the following:
    BA 331 Retail Management - 3 credits
    BA 333 Sports Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 335 Internet Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 336 Essentials of Selling - 3 credits
    BA 395 Global Marketing - 3 credits
    BA 397 Marketing Research - 3 credits
    BA 425 Strategic Marketing - 3 credits


    Business Portfolio Must Be Completed Before Graduation

    Work to be included:

    • Business Ethics Paper written in BA 170 (First Year)
    • Updated Business Ethics Paper written in BA 305
    • Resume (Completed first year and updated each year.)
    • Experiential Project defined by major -- at least one
    • Information Systems Analysis Project
    • Oral Presentation from 300 level business class or above
    • Term paper written in 300 level business class or above
    • Optional: Professional Thesis
    Students obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing will possess the necessary prerequisite coursework to satisfy the standards of our accrediting agency (The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). Students will achieve knowledge in the following areas: management, accounting, marketing, economics, statistics, finance, business ethics, legal environment of a business, business policy and strategy, quantitative skills, global dimensions of business, and information systems.