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  • Counseling Education Faculty and Staff

    Ms. Kathleen Beining
    Dr. Janet Franicola
    Fr. Philip Kanfush O.S.B.
    Dr. Robert Michalow
    Dr. Richard Nichols
    Dr. Kathleen Ramos
    Dr. Mary Beth Spore
    Dr. Robert Thomas
    Mrs. Allison Arendas
    Mrs. Courtney Baum
    Mrs. Angela Belli
    Mr. Trent Bocan
    Mrs. Chris Colbert
    Mrs. Samantha Fecich
    Dr. Paul Follansbee
    Mrs. Sharon Greene
    Mr. Timothy Hammill
    Mrs. Elaine King
    Mrs. Lisa Maloney
    Dr. Tracy McNelly
    Dr. William Rullo
    Dr. William Scheeren
    Dr. Lucinda Soltys
    Ms. Kathy Tobolewski
    Ms. Carrie Vottero