• What Can I Do With This Masters in Health Services Leadership?

    The Health Services Leadership program at Saint Vincent College is the only graduate program in the region that promotes a quality improvement approach, which has become critical in the field of health services. This program enhances understanding of health care operations in order to assure ethical, responsible and effective care for all patients. Students develop a strong understanding of the organization and social context of American health care. Graduates of this program become leaders in health care who will be innovators, educators, and role models on health care teams. The program provides a solid foundation for further study and advancement in senior management. Students enrolled in this program can earn either a Master of Science degree or graduate certificate.

    Students enrolled in the Master of Science degree program complete an individual research project applying and integrating knowledge gained in the program. Emphasis is on practical research and the development of evidenced-based programs and practices in health care. Students are expected to apply qualitative and/or quantitative analytic skills and to utilize strong methodological and rigorous research design abilities. Recent graduates of the program have developed research projects that have been selected for presentation at regional, national and international conferences.