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  • Christina SafranskiDr. Chrissy (Maher) Safranski

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics   

    W209, Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion


    B.S. (Mathematics) – University of Notre Dame – May 2004. 
    M.S. (Mathematics) – University of Notre Dame – May 2006. 
    Ph.D. (Mathematics) – University of Notre Dame – May 2009.  

    Courses Taught: 

    MA 109 Calculus I 
    MA 110 Calculus II 
    MA 111 Calculus I 
    MA 112 Calculus II 
    MA 113 Calculus III 
    MA 117 Methods of Proof  


    “Describing free groups", J. Carson, V.S. Harizanov, J.F. Knight, K. Lange, C. McCoy, A. Morozov, S. Quinn, C. Safranski, and J. Wallbaum, Trans. of the Amer. Math. Soc., 364 (2012) 5715-5728. 

    “The computable embedding problem", J. Carson, E. Fokina, V.S. Harizanov, J.F. Knight, S. Quinn, C. Safranski, and J. Wallbaum, Algebra and Logic, 50 (2012), pp 478-493. 

    “Classes of Ulm type and coding rank-homogeneous trees in other structures", E. Fokina, J.F. Knight, A. Melnikov, S.M. Quinn and C. Safranski, J. of Symbolic Logic, 76 (2011), pp 846-869.

    “Automorphisms of certain groups and semigroups of matrices”, M. Alwill, C-K. Li, C. Maher, and N-S. Sze, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 412 (2006), pp. 490-525.