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    Fr. Rene Kollar, O.S.B., Dean
    School of Humanities and Fine Arts
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    The Music Performance Program

    The Department of Fine Arts 

    Fine Arts Learning Objectives:

    • Students should know and be able to use discipline-based vocabulary.
    • Students should be able to critique their own work as well as the work of others.
    • Students should be able to identify stylistic characteristics.
    • Students should have acquired basic facility in a broad range of media/instruments and/or research methods.
    • Students should have acquired advanced facility in one medium/instrument.
    • Students should have understanding of possible career paths.

    Music Performance Major Requirements (67-69 credits) 

    Required each semester (32 credits):
    MU 090 Recital Attendance - 0 credit
    MU 425 Primary Instrument Lessons for Performance Majors
    (4 credits for eight semesters or a total of 32 credits)

    Required courses (27 credits):
    MU 108 Music History and Literature: Baroque and Classical Periods - 3 credits
    MU 109 Music History and Literature: Romantic and Contemporary Periods - 3 credits
    MU 115 Fundamentals of Music Theory - 3 credits
    MU 205 Sight Singing, Ear Training and Solfeggio I - 3 credits
    MU 206 Sight Singing, Ear Training and Solfeggio II - 3 credits
    MU 208 Harmony I - 3 credits
    MU 209 Harmony II - 3 credits
    MU 220 Form and Analysis - 3 credits
    MU 330 Junior Recital - 1 credit
    MU 430 Senior Recital - 2 credits

    Any combination of ensembles selected from (8 credits):
    MU 171 Marching Band - 1 credit
    MU 175 Instrumental Ensemble - 1 credit
    MU 180 Saint Vincent College Singers - 1 credit
    MU 181 Musical Theater Workshop - 1 credit
    MU 182 Opera Workshop - 1 credit
    MU 185 Saint Vincent Camerata - 1 credit

    Additional requirements for voice majors (2 credits):
    MU 317 Diction for Singers: Italian, Spanish and Latin - 1 credit
    MU 318 Diction for Singers: English, German and French - 1 credit

    Students must successfully pass an audition to be admitted to this major. Please contact the department chair to schedule an audition and receive audition guidelines. The Music Performance Major is a select major and is restricted to the following instruments: organ, piano, voice. Only the best students who are single-mindedly resolute to become a professional musician should audition for this major.