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    Dr. Gary M. Quinlivan, Dean
    Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government
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    Our faculty, consisting of scholars, published authors and renowned experts in political science, take a personal interest in helping their students succeed. Taking advantage of expert knowledge and personal mentorship, our students are set on a direct path to personal and professional growth.

    Gary Quinlivan, Dean of the McKenna School and Professor of Economics;
    Ph.D., University at Albany;
    B.A., SUNY, Geneseo

    Bradley C.S. Watson, Philip M. McKenna Chair in American and Western Political Thought and Professor of Politics;
    Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University ;
    M.A., Claremont Graduate University;
    M.Phil., Institute of Philosophy, Catholic University of Louvain;
    J.D., Queen’s University Faculty of Law

    Jerome Foss, Assistant Professor of Politics;
    Ph.D., Baylor University;
    M.A., Baylor University;
    B.A., University of Dallas

    Jason Jividen, Assistant Professor of Politics;
    Ph.D., Northern Illinois;
    M.A., Marshall University;
    B.A., Marshall University

    Gabriel S. Pellathy, Professor Emeritus of Politics;
    Ph.D., New York University;
    J.D., Cornell University;
    LL.M., New York University;
    M.Sc., Hofstra University;
    B.A. Columbia College, Columbia University

    John Antonio Pascarella, Post-Doctoral Fellow in International Politics;
    Ph.D., University of North Texas;
    B.A. Mercer University

    Adjunct Faculty 

    Thomas W. Corbett, Jr., Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
    J.D., St. Mary’s University School of Law;
    B.A. Lebanon Valley College 

    Mary Beth McConahey, Assistant Director, Center for Political and Economic Thought
    Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University
    M.A., Claremont Graduate University
    B.A., Saint Vincent College 

    Richard Saccone, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives
    Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
    M.A., Naval Postgraduate School
    M.P.A., University of Oklahoma
    B.S., Weber State