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  • Politics AdInternships and Careers in Political Science

    Internships enable our students to take their knowledge and skills into a professional environment. Our faculty actively encourages and helps students find internships to gain valuable practical experience.

    In recent years, our students have interned at places such as the Charles Koch Foundation in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Department of Commerce in Germany, with Federal Judge William Baughman, with numerous state and federal senators and representatives, with the Westmoreland County public defenders, with several law firms and many more.

    Thanks to the combination of class work and internships, graduates with a degree in Politics go on to successful professional careers. Our graduates can expect:

    Great Law Placements! Recent graduates (27.8% from 1997 to 2016) have gone on to such institutions as:

    • Harvard Law School 
    • University of Pittsburgh Law School
    • Ava Maria Law School, 
    • George Mason Law School
    • Catholic University of America Law School
    • Duquesne University Law School
    • Ohio Northern University School of Law
    • Ohio State University Law School
    • Washington University (in St. Louis) Law School
    • Drexel University School of Law
    • Seton Hall School of Law
    • Thomas Cooley School of Law, Michigan
    • West Virginia University School of Law
    • University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
    • Lewis and Clark Law School
    • University of Akron School of Law
    • Villanova University Law School
    • University of Georgia Law School
    • Washington & Lee School of Law
    • University of Richmond School of Law

    Graduate School Placements (approximately 26.7% of graduates): 

    • Ph.D. at Catholic University 
    • Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University 
    • Ph.D. at University at Albany 
    • Ph.D. at Northern Illinois University 
    • Ph.D. at Baylor University 
    • M.S. at St. Johns College 
    • MPIA and GSPIA at University of Pittsburgh 
    • M.Div. at Regent University School of Divinity 
    • George Mason University Public Policy School 
    • M.A. in Theology at Villanova University 
    • Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz School 
    • M.A. in Legal Studies at California University 
    • M.A. at University of Toronto 
    • M.A. in Trans-Atlantic Studies at Jagiellonian University in Poland 
    • M.S. in International Business at Humboldt University in Germany 
    • M.A. in International Affairs at George Washington University 
    • M.A. in International Affairs at American University 
    • M.S. at University of Pennsylvania 
    • Regent University School of Divinity 
    • M.A. at Indiana University, Bloomington, School of Public Affairs 
    • London School of Economics and Public Affairs

    Job Placements (approximately 23.7% of graduates seek jobs):

    • Foundation for Economic Education
    • AT&T
    • Marines OTC
    • Performance Learning Center in New Jersey
    • RGS
    • Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
    • Legislative aides
    • UPMC
    • Tremba, Jelley & Kinney, LLC
    • C&G Bank
    • Piedmont Immigration Law
    • Somerset Trust Company
    • Reynolds American
    • SDLC Partners, LP
    • Professional Basketball
    • Bayer Corporation
    • Republican Party of Pennsylvania
    • U.S. Food & Drug Administration
    • United States Armed Forces
    • Microstrategy