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  • Politics AdStudent Work and Research in Political Science

    Part of the politics major is a comprehensive thesis that tests each student’s understanding of political issues and their underlying philosophical currents. Recent examples of student theses and George Washington Fellows' topics include:

    • An Analysis of the Capital Cases in Southwestern Pennsylvania
    • Democracy and Human Greatness
    • Freedom is Not Enough: Affirmative Action and the Colorblind Constitution
    • Good Behavior: Restoring Accountability to an Independent Judiciary
    • How High is the Wall? James Madison and the Wall of Separation Between Church and State
    • “Indispensable Supports”: Religion in the Public Square from the Late Colonial Period to the Civil War
    • Liberty of Conscience: The Search for True Religious Liberty
    • Resurrection Outside of Calvary: Whittaker Chambers’ Influence on American Political Thought.