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  • The Saint Vincent Law Scholar Program

    The Saint Vincent Law Scholar Program has been established to recognize students whose performance at Saint Vincent during their first three years of matriculation identifies them as outstanding candidates for the study and practice of law. The Program is administered by the Law Scholar Committee, a group comprised of the Deans of the four schools and the pre-law advisor.

    The Committee will review applications for this designation in the fall of the student’s senior year and will award this designation after a thorough and rigorous review of the student’s record of academic achievement, scholarly commitment, and adherence to the highest ethical standards the College may require. The Committee anticipates granting this designation very selectively.

    Students granted this designation will receive a special letter of recommendation to the law schools to which they have applied explaining the criteria for the granting of the designation and specifying the reasons in support of the Committee’s actions. This letter may be used in addition to or in lieu of any other required letter of recommendation the law school may require. 

    To be eligible to apply for the designation as a Saint Vincent Law Scholar, a student must meet the following prerequisites:

    • Students must be in his or her senior year at the time of application. 
    • The GPA of the student on the date of application must equal or exceed that required for graduation with honors. 
    • Students must have attended a pre-law orientation session in either their sophomore or junior years. These sessions will be conducted in the fall, winter and spring of each year by the pre-law advisor and a representative of the Career Office. 
    • Students must certify that they have undertaken some program of preparation for the LSAT exam. 
    • Students must have taken the LSAT and achieved a score that is consistent with their overall academic performance.
    • Students must have completed:
      1. A three credit course in Logic or a comparable course in analytical reasoning. 
      2. Six credits in courses in advanced writing, or their equivalent. 
      3. Six credits in courses involving the study of the law or the legal system. A list of these courses will be available through the pre-law advisor.

    If a student has completed the majority of these course requirements and is then taking or registered for courses to complete this requirement by graduation, the Committee may deem this prerequisite fulfilled.

    Upon satisfactory completion of the above prerequisites, a student’s application for consideration as a Saint Vincent Law Scholar will be assessed using the following criteria:

    • Evidence of excellence in a rigorous course of study that has honed their analytical skills, increased their capacity to synthesize a large body of material, and enhanced their ability to write with force and clarity, so as to demonstrate their capacity for the successful study of law. Students will be encouraged to supply the Committee with examples of their scholarly work to give evidence of this capacity. 
    • Assertions from faculty members who are intimately familiar with the depth and quality of the student’s work attesting to the student’s capacity for the successful study of law. 
    • Evidence of the high moral caliber necessary to meet the highest ethical standards of the legal profession. 
    • Completion of internships, mentor experiences and/or extracurricular activities that support the student’s commitment to the study and practice of law. 
    • Submission of an essay demonstrating the student’s passion for the study and practice of law, their commitment to upholding the highest traditions of the law, and their dedication to using their legal education in the service of the ends of justice.

    Any questions concerning this Program should be directed to the pre-law advisor.