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  • Mark RivardoDr. Mark G. Rivardo

    Professor of Psychological Science 

    Headmasters Hall 409
    (724) 805-2375


    Ph.D., Bowling Green State University, 2000 Concentration: Experimental Psychology, Specialized in Cognition 
    M.A., Bowling Green State University, 1995 
    B.S., Saint Vincent College, 1993

    Mark Rivardo's CV 

    Courses Taught

    Cognitive Psychology
    Research Methods in Psychological Science
    Seminar: Cognitive Psychology
    Seminar: Collaborative Research on a Special Topic
    Seminar: Myth-Busting in Psychological Science
    Capstone: Research Thesis I
    Capstone: Research Thesis II

    Recent Publications

    Rivardo, M. G., Rutledge, A. T., Chelecki, C., Stayer, B. E., Quarles, M., & Kline, A. (2013). Collaborative recall of eyewitness event increases misinformation effect at 1 week. North American Journal of Psychology, 15, 495-512.

    Rivardo, M. G., Brown, K.A. Rodgers, A. D., Maurer, S. V., Camaione, T. C., Minjock, R. M. & Gowen, G. M. (2011). Integrating inattentional blindness and eyewitness memory, North American Journal of Psychology, 13, 519-538.

    Rivardo, M. G., Rhodes, M. E., Camaione, T. C., & Legg, J. M. (2011). Stereotype threat leads to reduction in number of math problems women attempt. North American Journal of Psychology,13, 5-16.

    Karns, T. E., & Rivardo, M. G. (2010). Noticing of an unexpected event is affected by attentional set for expected action. North American Journal of Psychology, 12, 637-649.

    Rivardo, M. G., & Keelan, C. M. (2010). Body modifications, sexual activity, and religious practices. Psychological Reports, 106, 467-474.

    Blandino, D. M. & Rivardo, M. G., & Zbur, S. L. (2010). Spanish language training for law enforcement officers: study aid use, motivation, and need to use predict vocabulary retention. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 25, 43-48. doi: 10.1007/s11896-009-9051-1.

    Awards and Grants

    Psi Chi Regional Faculty Advisor Award, 2012
    Boniface Wimmer Faculty Award, 2011
    Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2006, 2007
    Psi Chi Faculty Advisor Research Grant, 2006, 2008
    Saint Vincent College Faculty Development Grant, 2005-2007, 2009-2011, 2013
    The Psi Chi/Ruth Hubbard Cousins Chapter Award, 2009
    Psi Chi Regional Chapter Award for the Eastern Region, 2007
    Psi Chi Model Chapter Award, 2001, 2005, 2007-2013