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  • What Can I Do With a Major in Psychology?

    Many people believe Psychology is a field that requires students to get an advanced degree in order to pursue a career related to the field.  Although advanced degrees are required for direct Counseling and Clinical practice, the knowledge of human behavior and the skills that Psychology graduates possess are applicable to a diverse array of jobs.

    Individuals with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology often pursue jobs as case workers, technicians, or counselors in health and human service agencies, including non-profit, government, and independent agencies.  These graduates provide clients with mental, emotional, and physical support in the form of recreational activities, social skills training, and group therapy while working under the supervision of a specialist.  Clients may include people of all ages who are experiencing mental health issues ranging from behavioral and emotional disorders to physical complications.  These graduates work in the clients’ personal homes, group homes, mental health centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, and hospitals where they use their knowledge of human nature and behavior to assist people in need.  Others assist in educational settings, helping children as Academic Advisors, Daycare Teacher’s Aides, or Therapeutic Support Staff.

    Some of our students also pursue jobs in Industrial/Organizational fields.  Retailers, Businesses, and Corporations are in constant need of Marketing and Advertising personnel, Research Assistants, Human Resource staff, Recruiters, and Public Relations Officers.  For example, managers often have a degree in Psychology, and they use their knowledge to interact with customers and to foster a healthy and efficient work environment for the employees they supervise.

    Other Psychology Majors wish to pursue a career in Justice Administration.  These individuals (who often also pursue a Political Science, Criminology, or Sociology Minor) become Corrections Officers, Parole Officers, and Law Enforcement Officers.  They are hired by Law Enforcement Agencies at all levels, but they may also serve in social services as Child Protection Workers and in similar roles.

    The opportunities for students of Psychology are quite diverse (also see the jobs listed below).  Even a Psychology Minor may demonstrate to potential employers that you have an enhanced understanding of human interaction and behavior.  If you have questions about these or other job opportunities, stop by the Psychological Sciences Department: We have several informational resource packets, and our faculty are always willing to help and advise in any way they can.


    Human Services: 

    Possible Jobs: Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor, Family Services Worker, Rehabilitation Advisor, Mental Health Technician, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Youth Counselor

    Who’s Hiring?: Federal and State Governments (Departments of Health and Human Services, Justice, Veterans’ Administration), Mental Health Centers, Senior Citizens’ Centers, Hospitals, Non-profit Organizations (United Way, YMCA, Religiously Affiliated Service Organizations)


    Justice Administration: 

    Possible Jobs: Corrections Officer, Parole Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Child Protection Worker

    Who’s Hiring?: Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Group Homes, Social Services


    Community Relations: 

    Example Jobs: Director of Volunteer Services, Urban Planning Assistant, Community Outreach Worker, Public Affairs Coordinator, Public Information Specialist

    Who’s Hiring?: Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, Non-profit Organizations (United Way, YMCA, Religiously Affiliated Service Organizations)



    Possible Jobs: Behavior Analyst, Statistical Assistant, Historical Research Assistant

    Who’s Hiring?: National Institute of Education, Federal Government (Department of Health and Human Services), Non-profit Organizations



    Possible Jobs: Administrator, Human Resources Recruiter, Director of Fundraising, Occupational Analyst, Public Relations, Advertising Agent, Marketing Representative/Researcher, Managers

    Who’s Hiring?: Human Resources Departments of Companies, Government Personnel Agencies, Marketing Firms, Corporations, Retailers



    Possible Jobs: Academic Advisor, Daycare Teacher’s Aide

    Who’s Hiring?: Daycare Centers, Schools


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