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  • Jerome Foss, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Politics
    Fellow in Political Institutions and Policy

    Aurelius Hall, Room 317

    A Short Biography

    Dr. Jerome C. Foss joined Saint Vincent College as Assistant Professor of Politics in 2011 after receiving his Ph.D. from Baylor University with a dissertation at the intersection of political philosophy and American constitutionalism.

    More specifically, Dr. Foss’s dissertation examined the implications of John Rawls’s thought for the judicial branch based upon Rawls’s advocacy of judicial review and his statements about the Court’s use of public reason. Ultimately what Rawls offers is a rhetorical strategy meant to assure the realization of his version of liberal constitutionalism. Foss’s work at Baylor earned him several recognitions, including the 2011 Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Political Science, the Morrison Fellowship in 2010, the Stormie Schott Award in 2009, and the Richard D. Huff Distinguished Master’s Student in Political Science in 2008. He was also invited to present his research on Francisco Suarez before the Graduate Student Association of Baylor University in 2009 and was a recipient of the ISI Weaver Fellowship in 2007.

    Dr. Foss’s undergraduate education was at the University of Dallas, a school which solidified his love for a liberal arts education and the Catholic tradition of higher education. Foss has taught classes in the areas American political institutions, constitutionalism, and political philosophy. He also spent the 2010-2011 academic year developing and teaching a high school civics curriculum for a classical school. Also in his background is work in the United States Senate as a constituent service representative, a position that gave him insight into both Congress and federal agencies.

    Dr. Foss’s recent publications include: “Friendship and Politics in No Country for Old Men, Gran Torino, and Up,” Anamnesis (2013); “Economics and Political Thought,” CQ Press Encyclopedia of Modern Political Thought (2013); “Francisco Suárez’s, John Locke, and the Case for Toleration,” Perspectives on Political Science (2013); Review of Why Political Liberalism: On John Rawls’s Political Turn by Paul Weithman for American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (Fall 2012 Guest Editor, “Approaches to Jurisprudence from a Catholic Perspective,” Listening (Spring 2012); and “In Defense of Religious Freedom: A Response to Christopher Duncan,” Listening (Winter 2012).