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  • What Can I Do With a Major in Spanish?

    For decades, many Americans thought that it was sufficient to be a speaker of English, but this belief is no longer as widespread as it used to be. It has become more and more apparent that knowledge of another language and culture is not merely a sign of a well-educated person, but rather, it is advantageous and perhaps a necessity for living in a globalized world.

    The mission of the Department of Modern & Classical Languages is to prepare and enable students, through the acquisition of a second language, to participate in a multilingual-multicultural world. The curriculum in the Department employs a culture-based communicative approach that fosters the requisite skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Cultural awareness is integrated at every level since language is culture and culture is language. Through their study of a second language, students come to appreciate diversity and in turn, they learn about universality.

    Whether your ultimate goal is a career in business, diplomacy, education, health care, law, social services, the communication industry or other fields, fluency in Spanish and an understanding of the Spanish culture is sure to open many doors for you.