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    This video explains why theology is the art of faith seeking understanding.
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  • What Can I Do With a Major in Theology?

    The Theology Department at Saint Vincent College offers a rigorous and engaging course of study in theology, embracing St. Anselm’s famous description of theology as “faith seeking understanding.” In the spirit of the Benedictine tradition, the department teaches students to integrate faith and reason. With a major in theology students can:

    • Teach religion in high school
    • Do ministry in the Church
    • Attend graduate school
    • Deepen their understanding of the faith
    But beyond focusing on faith-related topics, the Theology Program at Saint Vincent College offers students the opportunity to broaden their critical thinking and writing skills along with conveying the importance of community service. Developing these skills allows theology graduates to pursue careers in a variety of fields ranging from law school to non-profit organizations.