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  • Section 3: Science Notebooking

    Why is science notebooking important?

    • Writing is an integral part of the process of learning science. 
    • Science notebooks provide the students with a reference to consult when reviewing the materials. 
    • A science notebook encourages creativity. 
    • A science notebook provides a sense of accomplishment. 
    • A science notebook offers both the teacher and student a unique means of assessing their progress

    What are the key elements of a science notebook?

    • Scientists include the date, time, and weather. 
    • A standard entry establishes habits of scientific documentation. 
    • Teachers may want to include a title. This is a quick reference to locate information.

    How is scientific notebooking used in the classroom?

    • Facilitates learning 
    • Enhance writing skills 
    • Organize learning 
    • Promotes inquiry 
    • Encourages self-assessment 
    • Teachers assessment tool

    “Science notebooks are tools for inquiry that allow children to frame questions and seek answers… They are to be used to identify students understanding and misconceptions about science concepts and to inform further practice.”

    (Source: Science Notebook Guide Book Cambridge Public Schools, Cambridge, Massachusetts)