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  • Teaching Inquiry Science

    The purpose of the “Teaching Inquiry Science” Web site is to share information and research relative to effective instructional practices used when teaching hands-on, inquiry-based elementary school science. The web site is divided into five (5) sections: Inquiry Science, Questioning, Science Notebooking, Assessment, and Resources. Within Sections 1-4, questions are stated. For each question, a response is provided, which includes supporting handouts and teaching materials. In Section 5, we have listed a number of web links that summarizes current research and provides data that is helpful when teaching inquiry science. It is our hope that this web site will provide teachers a useful tool when teaching hands-on, inquiry based elementary school science.

    Section 1: Inquiry Science

    Section 2: Effective Questioning

    Section 3: Science Notebooking

    Section 4: Assessment

    Section 5: Resources